If you are planning to host a party or professional function, you’ll want your guests to dine in only the finest of venues. There is no better place to dine than in one of London’s beautiful Livery Halls. These halls are elegant structures which have played to host to some of the greatest minds of modern British history including William Shakespeare, and several kings and queens. Trading organizations began operating livery halls in the 14th century with some of the earliest known companies to do so including Merchant Taylors and Goldsmiths, but sadly their venues along with most other Livery Halls were destroyed during the Blitz of the Second World War.

Today, only some forty companies still have halls in London. They are frequently available for various business and social functions, such as commercial meetings and society dinners. All Livery Halls are situated in and around central London where they offer incredible opportunities to see parts of British history which have been captured forever in the architecture and paintings hanging from the walls. These surroundings would make for an extremely romantic setting for events like wedding receptions and anniversary celebrations. This artwork will also be a sublime conversation piece for your guests. Livery halls also boast extravagant high ceilings, marbled floors and decorative wall ornamentations.

Naturally these classic venues contain all the necessary amenities needed to cater for 21st century life, including air consisting and Wi-Fi access. In addition to beautiful interiors, most livery halls have wonderful relaxing gardens that are great for large gatherings, particularly summer occasions. Livery Halls are perfect for hosting events no matter what the size of your party. Whether you are organizing a small get-together or a wedding with hundreds of guests, Livery Halls are the perfect choice. These halls are particularly good for arranging meetings and conferences as they are in close proximity to London financial institutions such as banks, accountancies, and law firms.

These buildings consist of several floors and offer stunning views of the city and the river Thames. Many livery halls contain museum exhibitions of both the past and current state of the hall. Livery Halls are one of a kind in their appeal unlike other trade association buildings across Europe which have not continued to support social activities such as the ones that Livery Halls have been so successful at organizing.

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