According to the report of the 2012 plastic surgery statistics by the America society of plastic surgeons, $13.1 million was spent on cosmetic procedures in the United States alone. Even though plastic surgery is fast there are things that can go horribly wrong. You might then ask yourself, while take the chance when there are healthier and safer options?

The reality of the situation is that you have to work for it if you want an amazing body. Whenever you think of the ideal body, you immediately think of a flat belly. This is one of the hardest places to lose fat. You need to find proper foods and targeted exercise that will help you with this problem if belly is your main area of concern

Do away with Junk foods
You have to eat foods that will not store fat in that area if you want flat belly. You have to say goodbye to potato chips, soda and chocolate snacks and say hello to healthy vegetables and fruits. Eat a fat free yogurt instead of ice cream. Substitute a large pizza with delicious chicken salad.

However, you are not expected to eliminate all your favorite foods from your diets completely, but you are expected to save them for special occasions or limit them all together. You may eat vegetable and fruits as much as you want because they will not go straight to your waistline and you will not gain belly fat.

Eat more fiber
Fiber has been known to help with losing fat in your belly. Diets that are low in fiber generally cause extra fat in the midsection. You get fiber from eating vegetables and fruits everyday. You should opt for brown rice rather than white rice, and brown or whole wheat bread instead of white bread.
On cereals, be sure you read the label on each of them before you make your choice because some cereals contain more fiber than others. Choose one that is low in fat and sugar.

Reduce salt intake
You should be consuming less salt if you are trying to live healthy. If you want to have flat belly, salt consumption can be problematic because too much salt causes bloating. The signs are more prominent on the belly than anywhere else on the body. It is beneficial to reduce salt intake for several reasons as too much of it can also cause high blood pressure which can lead to other health problems.

Drink lots of liquid
The liquid you should drink must not include sodas, alcohol or drinks that are filled with sugar. You should either opt for natural fruit juices, green tea or water. Green tea has been used for belly fat loss plans for many years as it is known for burning belly fat and boosting metabolism. Water is certainly the healthiest drink you should opt for in your efforts to lose fat and achieve flat belly.

Do a lot of abdominal exercises
You will undoubtedly need to incorporate some type of exercises into your daily life if your main goal is to lose belly fat. Here are variety of exercises from which to choose that target the different muscles in your belly.

Some of the most effective belly exercises are:

Reverse crunch
Exercise ball crunch
Torso twist/rotation Side bends
Bicycle exercise
Chair leg raise
Vertical leg crunch Sit ups

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