When you hear the term personal injury lawyers, what appears in your mind? Unfortunately, many people think of the term “ambulance chasers”. Some may think of Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich. Now, if I mentioned the term NO WIN NO FEE LAWYERS, what do you think of? Some may think of Jimmy McGill in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. And some may think of Matt Murdock in Daredevil. As you can see, there a range of images when the term no win no fee personal injury lawyers is mentioned. Unfortunately, as the result of popular media, many of the association is not a positive one.

In America, contingency fee are not banned, therefore, there may be situations whereby personal injury lawyers are actively chasing lucrative opportunities. In Western Australia, personal injury lawyers are not allowed to charge contingency fees. Thus, every opportunity is treated equally based on the amount of the actual work being done by the lawyers or the law firm.

For the same reason as above, story you heard in the popular American media that the injured people win their compensation claim and later found out that majority of their compensation ended up in the legal costs, is RARE in Australia. Because in Australia, in most of the cases, the majority of the legal fee in a personal injury case it is paid by the other side’s insurer. Especially if you choose to work with a good personal injury lawyer. In fact, some could even argue that it is in the insurance company’s interest that you don’t get a good injury compensation lawyer, so that they can get the best financial return to their shareholders.

In Western Australia, most of the compensation lawyers are more like Foggy Nelson in Daredevil. Who are experts in their field, compassionate, committed, and unassuming. Especially, the local law firms with a strong local focus, and offers No Win No Fee legal representation. Even with the bigger national personal injury law firms in Western Australia, the story of unreasonable legal bills is still not common. If you are in a high profile accident, you may have the large national firms contacting you to offer assistance, in most of these situations, the law firms will still need operate under the rule of Australian law, which provides you with a layer of protection compare to other jurisdictions.

If you have worked with one of these good injury lawyers in Western Australia who offers No Win No Fee legal representation, the chances are you will have many good things to say. To start with, you don’t have to pay any legal fees upfront. This helps to alleviate the financial burdens. Secondly, because the lawyer is only paid once they reach an outcome for you, they are motivated to help you as much as they can. Thirdly, experienced lawyers have helped many people in the similar situation, they are in the good position to point to a range of good direction which may not seem relevant to your injury claim at the time.

So next time, when you see popular media making fun of personal injury lawyers, please have a second thought before joining the herd.

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