Africa is generally rich continent with different people and diverse languages. The clothing style of women in Africa stretches back thousand years ago. People choose, design and style to celebrate the heritage donning such beautiful garments. The clothes worn by the women in Africa is generally the reflection of African culture accompanied with bright colors and symbols that re decorated beautifully in one’s garment. African clothing for women are generally found in bright colors of green, red and gold and are believed to represent the colors of the stripes of the Ethiopian flag. The colors black, green and gold also represent African national congress’ flag. There is a special cloth available in Africa known as kente, which has bright color and design and is also seen as a sign of African continent.

The Fulani is another kind of women wear which is bright in color and is like a flying robe and is accompanied with gold hoop earrings to mark the style of the region. The styles and colors of the garments are a reflection about one’s being. Sometimes, the color red is believed to be a threatening color and is worn to keep the veil away. The color green represents fertility and is generally worn by a girl in her adolescence. White is for victory and purity. Adinkra cloth is generally worn by women in Africa during a funeral. Generally dark colored Adinkra clothes represent the same and the bright colored Adinkra clothes are used to symbolize happiness. African clothing for women is generally made of fine cotton fabrics or from the material of silk and is beautifully designed into different kinds of designs and styles.

The African fashion designers had translated the age old colorful traditions into a different level of complexity, combining different patterns, styles and designs and designed new wearable that has the beautiful texture and design of the place. African clothing for women has glamour and prints that are popular among the traditions and culture of the place and reveal the authentic essence. The designs for women attire in Africa are combined with traditional and optical prints with new design and texture of it. Nowadays, western fashion has also embraced the styles and colors of African clothing because of its uniqueness and designs.

Therefore, as it is well known that the women clothing keeps on changing according to the trend and style of the time. So the colors for women clothing can range from swing wildly to bright colors as well as from solid to pastel colors. Such colors are beautifully designed and placed in African clothing for women, which catch the attention of all at once. Generally the clothing for women in Africa have beautiful pattern designs along with tribal designs that are printed on the bright colored tops or dresses, portraying the authentic feeling of the place. The clothing for women in Africa is beautifully designed with beads and that also gives a unique feeling to the culture and tradition of the place.

Author's Bio: 

The author Nash Jeo, is a fashion designer and has seen the growing trend of the west to adopt the styles and designs of African clothing for women as they are bright and unique in their designs.