Technology is the easiest way to make you laziest. Food delivery applications have been a matter of debate, be it the offers Swiggy provides or the Zomato Gold privileges at any eatery. We are all trapped in the tempting food trap because food has become affordable. No matter how hard we try to spend our Sunday mornings shopping for groceries, we end up switching off the alarm because we have Swiggy installed on our phone.

Challenges faced by the food delivery applications -

Gaining the loyalty- The incentives and freebies is one way to gain loyalty from your customer. For the restaurants and the food delivery applications, this is the mantra to follow. You need to stand out with what you offer to maintain a permanent relationship with your customer.

The arrival of the big brothers- We are well aware of the growing e-commerce in every sector which is inviting the big giants to step in as well. Uber Eats and Amazon have set their foot in the industry. The time is not far when biggies like McDonald and Starbucks join in the bandwagon of food delivery applications. The moment these big brothers step into the industry, small startups will have a hard time, trying to retain their place in the market.

Logistics- Service providers find it problematic to decide which areas would they be providing their services to? They have to analyze if which areas will get them the maximum number of orders. The number of vehicles along with the deliverymen is required and they have to ensure that the food remains fresh. The food-delivery applicationservices should be quick and ensure that one must have effective logistics. Never let a customer lose trust in you.

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