Whether you are aware of it or not, the power of your mind is ALWAYS at work … but not always in your awareness.

The subconscious mind is an entirely different "creature" from the conscious mind. This is often a difficult idea to truly grasp, and yet it is precisely the reason that people unknowingly sabotage themselves, are over-stressed, or struggle to reach their goals. Often the root cause of persistent problems in health, relationships and success is a split between your conscious wants and your subconscious mind “programming.”

As an example, perhaps you are overly stressed and need time to "find peace, comfort and relaxation", but you find that you never actually achieve it. It is possible that your conscious idea of peace and comfort may be in contrast with your subconscious' idea of comfort.

Consciously you know that you need to work less hours, relax more, and spend time in in nature for your health AND your success. However your subconscious mind may be “programmed” for constant busyness or worry. Perhaps as a kid you were constantly told things like: “An idle mind is the devil’s playground.”

If that were the case, it would not be surprising for you to experience internal anxiety or pressure, a compulsion to do anything BUT relax.After all, life can be difficult enough as it is without having the devil to contend with!

Like an internal thermostat your subconscious mind can slow your progress whenever you attempt to break through to a new level. Almost as if it is saying: "Okay, that's enough, we've hit the comfort zone. Go no further."

The power of the mind, particularly the subconscious, is always present – holding you back or propelling you forward. It is helping you or hurting you, so you may as well take hold of it.

Mind Power at Work
In your relationships, your health, your financial success and your habits, the power of mind influences the results you get. The good news is that the power of the mind (on all levels) can be accessed and even reprogrammed to help you reach your goals.

But it won’t happen on its own. You must recognize where your subconscious mind enjoys its "comfort zones" and how you can start to nudge it beyond that fixed level.

As an example, if you were the person above who wanted a stronger sense of comfort and relaxation in your life, it would be helpful for you to identify the limiting unconscious beliefs holding you back. Then go to work on reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Tapping Into the Power of the Mind
There are many ways you can begin to tap into the power of the mind in order to gently influence your subconscious to make the changes you want. Hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and NLP help you make changes a deeper levels of mind. If you would like to learn more about those techniques, take advantage of the resources on www.mindtosucceed.com

If you are new to personal growth and quite not yet ready to “reprogram” yourself at deeper levels, a simple way to begin using the power of the mind is with positive affirmation. A positive affirmation is a short statement that you use on a daily basis to change your subconscious mind's "wiring" or programming.

As an example, if you are the person who wants to reach your conscious level of comfort and relaxation, you create a statement something like this: “I am peaceful and calm. I enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of deep relaxation. Time spent relaxing and enjoying nature is time well spent. It gives me the balance I need to be centered and focused. This enriches my life and work in every way. "

Positive Self-Talk and the Power of the Mind

Remember that you are programming your mind all the time with your self-talk. You can power your mind through positive self talk and the use of affirmations. Daily use of affirmations and positive internal dialogue can go a long way in supporting your personal growth. Use them and watch as you go far beyond any levels you have in the past. Then, when you are ready to really push through faster, learn to access deeper levels of mind through hypnosis, meditation and other mind power exercises. Expand your “comfort zones.”
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Unlocking the power of mind has been success coach, Mandy Bass's passion since 1996 when she began helping people break through to new levels of happiness and success. Thousands of people have attended her seminars and workshops, taking their lives to new levels of fulfillment.

A dedicated instructor and student of Hypnosis, self hypnosis, NLP and other mind tools, Mandy has studied with Jose Silva, Michael Newton and many others. She is an accomplished key note speaker who has shared the stage with Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, Laura Silva, and Burt Goldman, to name a few. Her articles have appeared in dozens of national publications.

Mandy is the founder of Priority Living, a training and coaching company in Fort Lauderdale , Florida. She is also the founder of www.Mindtosucceed.com, a website focused on providing mental health resources to help people live happier, healthier lives.

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