Inversion therapy has many benefits that are already recognized in the medical field and a lot of records will prove it. Inverting oneself is old news. It has been practiced since 400 A.D. The father of medicine, Hypocrites, initially used this method in treating his patients. He tied both knees and ankles to a ladder, raised them upward, inverting the patient.Thus, the first spinal traction was created (although some say this practice started earlier than 400 A.D.). Currently, the practice is termed Inversion Therapy.

We practice inversion therapy and have benefited in many ways.Not only does it make our spines feel better, relaxes our muscles, increases circulation and flow of the lymph system, it just makes us feel better all over.The lymph system does not have a pump like the heart, so we must do things to get it going and moving.The lymph system is responsible for flushing the wastes out of the body and a build up of this waste can make you sick.A few minutes a day on the inversion table, and we feel stretched as if there was more 'space' in our bodies.

Most of the time, we are on our two legs or in a vertical position. One of gravity's roles is detrimental to our bodies, contributing to the retraction of the spines.Until inversion tables and chairs came along, we used slant boards, or stood on our heads. Doing a headstand though is dangerous because if it is not properly executed, it could damage the neck.Fortunately, for those of us who cannot perform headstands, there are inversion products on the market that make it easy, safe and convenient to get the benefits of inversion therapy.

Inverting to an angle of at least 25 degrees, for a few minutes each day can substantially relieve you of your back pains caused about by the compression of the spine. It really does help especially when you are driving a lot or sitting in your office facing your computer all the time. What happens is that as you do the inversion, it relieves your nerve roots of the pressure as well as your joints and ligaments. It also takes care of your spinal discs and stretches the spine. The spine restores its vigor as well as the entire body, the nervous tension is alleviated, the circulation and flow of oxygen to the brain is augmented, the blood and lymph fluids are cleansed faster, the effects of growing old are minimized, the congestions in the internal organs are relieved, the vertebral column is extended and made straight, the pain is minimized, and the ligaments are strengthened, and the feeling of satisfaction is felt afterwards.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported in 1994 that 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time. A different article assesses that more than 50 billion dollars are spent by Americans yearly just to treat their back pains.

It is very obvious that the spine must be given special attention as it is important in our well-being.Some tips on preventing back pain and the care of your spine include being active, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, make sure your mattress is not too soft, wear comfortable low heeled shoes, warm up before exercising and any physical activity, lift heavy objects with your knees and quit smoking.Smoking restricts blood flow depriving spinal tissues of oxygen and nutrients.And, by all means, invert!

Before doing inversion, it's better that you discuss first with your doctor especially if you have a spinal injury or health problem.

Ease the pain from your spine by inversion therapy using a treatment table. suggests inversion tables at reasonably low prices.

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Ease the pain from your spine by inversion therapy using a treatment table. suggests inversion tables at reasonably low prices.