Although writing guest posts offers the author significant benefits as discussed in the previous update, how does the blog administrator benefit? It would seem the guest blogger would not only be 'stealing' the limelight but siphoning off traffic as well! On the contrary, the net result when hosting a guest blogger would be keeping your readers satisfied while offering a new level of intrigue!

Here's how any blog administrator gains an advantage by allowing visiting writers to post to their site!

New 'Voice'

Every person tends to have a different way in which they present their feelings and/or beliefs! This is to say when you allow a guest blogger to create content for your site it's a good bet the way they present themselves will differ from your style! Some people are clinical or dry while others may be humorous or even sarcastic in their delivery style and your readers will likely enjoy the change!

Different Perspectives

In most cases it is not uncommon for people to have completely different perspectives on the same subject matter! Everybody experiences life in a different way due to their upbringing, surroundings and other unique 'occurrences' that help shape their opinions and/or perspectives! By having someone new post content to your blog, you are opening the door to fresh perspectives for your readers to enjoy & learn from!

Fresh Ideas

Inviting a guest blogger is also a terrific way to present new ideas to your platform and your readers! This also gives the blog administrator a much needed break from having to develop fresh new ideas to write about which isn't always easy to do! Once again the biggest beneficiaries here would be your readers and since they're whom you write for, this is hugely important! Along these same lines, once a guest blogger presents a new idea to your platform, it can even stimulate your thinking for future entries to your platform!

Allowing or even inviting guest posts is simply another way for any blog administrator to work more efficiently! Many if not most bloggers are more than 'swamped' with creating content and maintaining their platforms! By having a someone new create updates to place on your site you not only save yourself time and effort but keep your readers happy and maintain their intrigued as well! Having said that, I as the blog administrator am also currently swamped and would invite you as a guest blogger provided all topics are relevant! Please refer to my 'about' page if interested to contact me directly!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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