I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day called, Wain, and he was talking about the work that he had been sharing on social media. He had recently created another page and had put in a fair amount of work to build it up.

From what he was saying, it made me think about how it is easy to put in a lot of work and end up with very little in return. There can be the money that someone puts in to increase their ‘followers’ and there can be all the time they put in to create content.

Another Approach

Now, another thing that often takes place is that someone will share other peoples work, but they will still have had to find out. It is not as though this material will have just appeared in front of them.

Yet, without even talking about what my friend has gone through or what the average person does, I can relate to this myself. When I first started writing, I would write an article and expect it to receive a lot of ‘likes’ when I shared it.

Two Sides

In some cases this would happen, while there would be other times when this wouldn’t happen. As I thought that what I was sharing was good, I would often end up feeling angry and let down when this didn’t happen.

Still, I didn’t allow this to discourage me; I carried on writing and gradually stopped caring about how many ‘likes’ I received. As a result of this, I have been able to continue to express myself in this way.

A Big Trap

Initially, I thought that the amount of ‘likes’ I received defined how good my work was. So, if I received a certain amount, my work was good, but if I didn’t, it meant that my work wasn’t very good.

This meant that I was giving my power away and allowing what was taking place on a screen to have a big effect on me. I had to take a step back to see how absurd this was, and this was one of the things that allowed me to regain my focus and to keep going.

A Closer Look

I say one of the things as I had the need to express myself, so I wasn’t going to just stop because of this. By taking a step back, I started to think about how meaningless these ‘likes' were.

These kinds of sites often change what is taking place behind the scenes, which has an effect on who can see what we share. Therefore, there is a strong chance that what we share is not even seen by most of the people who have joined our page.

The Most Important Thing

Additionally, whether or not someone ‘likes’ what we share doesn’t really mean anything in the long run. If they ‘like’ it, it doesn’t mean that they have actually taken the time to read or watch what we have shared and, if someone doesn’t, it could show that they haven’t seen it or it could just mean that it didn’t match up with what they think is good.

What can become clear after thinking about all this is how destructive it is to let what happens on different social media sites to define whether what we produce is good or bad. Ultimately, if you feel the need to empress yourself through writing or making videos, for instance, follow your calling and don’t allow what is going on externally to stop you.

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