All of us are familiar with tinted window films for automobiles. However there are many other applications for these products that can be extremely useful for your home, business and vehicle. There are a wide variety of specific purposes that window films can perform for each of its many different applications. These can be improving the energy efficiency, offering an improvement on style, and increasing safety and security.

Energy efficiency

Tinted window films are a cost effective way of increasing the energy efficiency of a home or a business. These products will reflect solar heat; they reduce the cooling costs too like insulated windows do. They keep the heat out of the building so that it stays cool in the summer. In the winter time they keep the heat inside the building by their insulating properties. The warm air is trapped inside the house and thus you enjoy greater warmth in the cold winter months.


The window films can be frosted or fritted to give a look like architectural glass at a much lower price. These can be applied to the doors and walls of a walk in shower to give an element of style at affordable costs. This artistic element of privacy can be arranged in any pattern or design that you want. The window film can even be applied to the mirror in a child’s room to add to it a playful aesthetic.

Safety and Security

Security films are another important, though less well known application of window films. They are made of special varieties of polyester which is often laminated in tens of micro layers to increase their resistance to tearing. The strength of this layered material and the high-tech adhesives it is applied with work well together to hold cracked panes of glass in place. This makes the glass much safer in the unfortunate event of        a severe storm. Also if the house is targeted by burglars, these reinforced panes of window glass will resist break in attempts up to a point.

Anti-graffiti films are made of 4 or 6 mil polyester. They are used to protect against vandalism from the common methods of attack like spray paint, marker tagging or acid etchings. Similar to safety films, the anti-graffiti films can be applied invisible or with a tint. Anti-graffiti films can be easily cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners, microfiber cloths and even squeegees. If your home or business is vandalized then the film can be removed keeping the window intact.

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