For constructing architecture, concreting will be required. In Melbourne, you might have already seen many examples of conventional concreting. So, today we will discuss the steps in which concreting in Melbourne is being done by the architects.

Measuring the materials

In the first step, one needs to measure the different materials such as concrete, sand, water, cement, etc. The process of measurement is called batching. And the process of measuring different concrete materials such as cement, coarse aggregate This batching can be done in two ways such as weight batching and volume batching.

In weight batching everything is measured with weight whereas in volume batching the materials are being measured by volume.

Mixing the materials

In this process, all the materials are mixed thoroughly in proper proportions until everything becomes paste that consistent and has a uniform colour. The materials are mainly mixed by hand and are called mixing or by a machine called machine mixing.

In both of these mixtures, the materials are mixed in appropriate proportions and in dry conditions. After that, water is added to make it wet before concreting in Melbourne can begin.

Transporting the mixture

After mixing is completed successfully, the fresh concrete derived out of the different materials is transported to the site of construction and this process, as you already know, is called transportation.

After the arrival of the mixture on the site, the concrete is placed in the desired location and regarding the transport, there is manual transportation and mechanical transportation to the site.

The Compaction method

In this step called ‘Compaction’ air bubbles are eliminated from the concrete that is freshly placed to construct architecture. This method is used to increase the strength of concrete in a variety of ways so that the architecture can be firm.

The Curing method

In this method called ‘Curing’, the moisture is being retained in the concrete to complete the process of hydration and this process, like the compaction, is also used to increase the strength of the concrete.

Now let us take a look at a few types of concrete that the professionals use in their work.

  • Concrete that is reinforced

In reinforced concrete mesh and rebar are added to enhance the strength to withstand tension. There is another method used as a subset of reinforcing which is called pre-stressing where steel is used for compressive load casting.

  • Concrete that is pre-stressed

In the pre-stressed method, the concrete is pre-tensioned. Here steel strands of high strength are placed between anchors. This helps in the compression procedure to increase strength.

  • When it is pre-cast

This is the method where structural shapes are being used during casting and hence this is called precast products. In this method, concrete beams are used that are T or L shaped to give a proper shape. When constructing architecture with concrete these beams are manufactured so that architecture can be given the shape that it desires.

Though this is not a type of concrete, these help in the concreting to construct impressive architecture.

So, these are some of the facts related to concreting in Melbourne to give you an overall idea.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a construction company that provides concreting in Melbourne for developing astounding architecture.