Today is a new day, a new beginning. Each day of your life brings you closer to your destiny. Whether you are young or old is irrelevant. What is relevant is what you do each day. Each day is a new beginning, a new opportunity to be what you truly want to be.

The individual self, the ego self has many desires, and wants many things. But the eternal being wants only one thing, that all beings, all creation, return to their source, return to an infinite being. There is no separation between you and Parama Purusha, between you and that infinite consciousness.

The only separation is an idea held in the mind. For that infinite being is manifest in all creation as well as in the silence and stillness of the unmanifest. That infinite being resides in you and all other beings. Not inside of you as if you have the infinite being inside of you, but is everything of you—that which you think of as you, resides inside that infinite being.

Every molecule of your body, every thought in the mind—be it a thought towards unity or a thought that brings you into ego orientation—all of it resides within this cosmic entity. There is no separation, no duality between you and the eternal essence of being. You do not reside apart from that divinity.

It is not only the core of your being; it is all of you. You are within eternal essence. There is no thought you can have, no action that you can do, that is outside of that divinity. For all is that. It is the assumption in the mind due to the experience of embodiment in human form that brings you to believe you are an individual, a separate entity.

That is called—that assumption is the essence of ego. That is the core belief that you have, that you are apart, separate, an individual. It’s because awareness, consciousness, is embodied in form, the sensory experience, making the perception within consciousness of “I” and “thou,” that you are separate from all else, that all forms are individual, apart from each other. And this very notion of separateness which allows the ego to function, which allows you to function in the human body, also causes you your deepest pain.

It is the root of your pain: The pain of separation, the pain of duality, is the root of all other pains. The Yogis of ancient times realized that in deep introspection, the root cause of their suffering, of human suffering, is this idea, this understanding that you are separate, that there is a separate person apart from everything else.

And naturally, feeling this body identity, you fear death. And you struggle to achieve to bring to you that which will allow your survival and allow your individuality to survive, your body-mind to survive. And you fear that which will threaten that survival. But old age and death come to all who are in form. And this struggle, to win, to achieve, and to survive, is ultimately doomed.

So, if your entire consciousness is immersed in that struggle, there is pain. Failure. Times when life does not work out. It doesn’t go your way. Because the cosmos truly does not revolve around you. You are part of an integrated, interwoven whole of being.

So naturally sometimes your being is supported; sometimes it is not. Things that seem not to your welfare but to the welfare of another occur. So what to do in such a difficult world?

The Yogis of ancient times realized there was only one solution: to go very deep. To unwind, and deconstruct, the assumptions and beliefs that have led to the bondage and suffering in human life. How to deconstruct those beliefs? How to find lasting happiness?

It can only be found when your mental capacities, your thoughts, and feelings are suspended from everyday thinking, from all of the engagements with the senses, quieted so that you begin to feel yourself; you become aware of your existence. You begin to realize the self-deprecating, self-defeating thoughts that you have, perhaps the bad feelings that you have about yourself, as well as the pride and the ego, and you begin to go even deeper than those thoughts, those beliefs. They are more than just thoughts; they become assumptions about who you are and what you are. You go deeper underneath those.

Putting the thoughts aside, putting the assumptions and beliefs you have held about who you are aside. Having the innocence of a newborn baby, the innocence within you, letting go of all of these burdens you have carried. Find the depth of your being.

And when your attention and awareness focus on your innermost self, you begin to realize there is something more, that the assumptions you have made about who you are, what you are, they’re not true. They’re based on actions and reactions to actions, Samskaras, from the past, held within the mind, in the subconscious.

When you move the conscious awareness through this subconscious mind to the superconscious mind, to the collective unconscious, you begin to realize you are not separate, that that which is assumed is not your true identity, that you are held within an identity that is far more vast. You are held within a consciousness that lives in all things. You begin to feel in the depths of awareness when your attention is shifted from the senses and the assumptions to your innermost consciousness.

In the stillness of being, in the depths of yourself, you find that that which you have thought of as you are but a passing dream in a vast stillness, in an eternal love that does not move with time. It always is as it is. There is no time, no place, for there is no dream. It is only in the dream that time and place exist, that there is movement. But beneath it, all is the stillness, the love, the eternal home in which you abide. You have not only come from there, you abide within it, always, knowingly or unknowingly.

The dream is in the mind of the dreamer. Whether the dream character realizes they are in the mind of the dreamer or not, they remain within the mind of the dreamer. Likewise, you remain an eternal being as the dream of creation plays out, interwoven, interconnected, a whole. You are part of that network, that whole. That which you have called you is an essential element in a whole of creation within the mind, within the awareness of infinite being.

You do not have an infinite being within you; you are composed of infinite beings. There is nothing in you outside of the infinite being. There is nothing that you can see, hear, or touch, that is outside of an infinite being.

So when, through deep contemplation and meditation, you make this deep association with the divine one, with the heart of your heart, the soul of your soul, the infinite love which binds all things, the peace that never changes, when you realize this is you, you are the drop of water in the ocean of eternal being, then what happens? Through continual association, the dreams, the beliefs, the assumptions, begin to fall away.

You know you are not this and that idea that you have had about yourself, a belief based on experience. You are instead the eternal one, the knower, the consciousness that is aware. You are instead the love that is so deep it cannot be put into words.

This is your true nature and as you abide by this, it becomes more consistently your experience. There is no difference between waking, deep meditation, and sleeping—we think that there is a difference, but as you grow deeply into the nature of the Self, as you grow deeply into the beloved of your heart, into your Baba, into your source, you realize that is all around you.

You live in all that is. All that lives within you. You reside in an eternal being. Eyes open, eyes closed. It remains the same.

There, what you have known of as you dissolve in surrender into the whole of being. There, lover and beloved are one. There is no duality.

Take that with you. Stay in association with your eternal nature and you will find that it becomes your constant experience.

You live in a body; you have senses. It does not mean you need to be separate. See divinity all around you. Feel the divine beloved of your heart in every form and your form. Let your love flow. Release the gates of your heart.

Author's Bio: 

Maetreyii Ma Nolan, Ph.D. is an author of spiritual books, a teacher of mysticism and yoga, and a psychologist in private practice. She is also an expert in yoga philosophy. Dr. Nolan has a school for mystic yogic teachings called Ananda Gurukula. She has years of experience leading retreats, teaching yoga teacher trainings, yoga therapy trainings, and meditation trainings.

Through her own meditative practice and deep personal connection to Divine Source, she has gained profound insights and understanding that she shares in her writings, webinars, trainings, and personal guidance.