. . .Then you take yet another and you also get yourself a debilitating, gross-tasting"dry hit."
The reason why max VG eliquids usually do not work nicely in pod systems. The best way to create the experience palatable (e.g., your only unit right now is a boxer system and you have to wait just a little before getting new hardware). What vaping hardware that you should be using for maximum VG liquid and why such hardware can make such a huge improvement.


Stress not! Although pod systems typically aren't that great for maximum VG e liquids, within this informative article we're going to explore some recommendations to create the adventure of vaping max VG at Apod as good as it can be if you possess to do it. We're going to offer you advice on several alternatives.
What happens is this: you fill up your pod with max VG e-liquid, take a puff, also think, "Hey! This works wonderful!"

Anyway back to bunny systems. They have a tendency to be very reasonable, leakage problems in higher-grade models have been resolved, and also the convenience level will be off the charts.

Exactly What Are POD Methods?

You know that they're growing in popularity at an exponential pace, likely as a result of the arrival of the JUUL if you are at all active in the vaping scene.
Not one of the above will be to say that you definitely, positively cannot utilize a glider mod with maximum VG e-liquid, it's just very likely to be a more less-than-ideal experience. Considering there are numerous fantastic mods available on the market which definitely rock with max VG, you're selling yourself short if your hardware isn't up to this endeavor.

If all you've got is a pod, next we're going to briefly discuss how to obtain the absolute most out of it.
Let us dive in, shall we?
To be perfectly clear, we don't think pod systems are bad hardware to get vaping. Some models reportedly even work pretty much (that is pretty well, maybe not of necessity"amazing") with max VG e-liquid ( such as the Vaporesso Aurora.
If you adore max VG e-liquid, it may appear like a match made in paradise... before you understand it's perhaps not.
In addition, the atomizers in popular pod system units aren't designed for VG juices. Should you use max VG they are more likely to burn out the coils faster than you'd probably like.

(Psst, if you're interested in learning JUUL, here is our draw on why you ought to probably give it)
But, we're talking in generalities here. Your mod isn't great for max VG. For instance, the Aspire Breeze two is really actually a pretty great little unit, and the founders certainly made improvements over the first version, but owners with this revolutionary product have generally reported poor experiences with maximum VG e-liquid.

The reason why maximum VG has a tendency to deliver less-than-satisfactory expertise in ultra-portable vape hardware is because of the viscosity (thickness) of both VG. In reality, lots of pod systems are equipped with a 50/50 VG/PG mixture in your mind --or maybe 70/30 at the very most. Furthermore, pod systems also tend to be designed for nicotine salt e liquids, which once again tend to be more 50/50.


That is because the atomizers used in pod systems possess their coils packed together pretty closely. VG can not sew the coils enough and is thick. For so-called"series vapers" this really is a huge issue.

The Fundamental problem with vaping maximum VG at a pod system Is a Result of the depth of this Eliquid not being able to wick very fast as we discussed in the previous section

If you have not made the option to switch to max VG e-liquid nonetheless, check out this comprehensive post from our blog about why you ought to . It's a tiny read--we all like to be thorough--however, it's well worthwhile to every penny.


Pod King MAXX Disposable Vape Pen

The pod king man has more juice compared to old version. Also, the battery size is much bigger so it will go still another additional moment. The terrific thing is that this price almost precisely the same as any other disposable at $6.99.

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