There are moments in our life where we tend to do things which we ended up regretting. So if you have broken up with your ex boyfriend and you realize later on that what you did was not right after all, don’t despair - there are effective strategies to help you with winning your ex boyfriend back. If you follow these tips, you will soon be able to win back your ex boyfriend and begin an even better relationship with him.

Get Back In Shape

Do not feel sorry for yourself and as much as possible, don’t allow yourself to lock up in your room and grieve over the breakup while indulging on all the sweets in the world. Although it is normal to cry over the breakup, don’t allow your emotions to rule over you. You must have the courage to move on with your life and instead of self-pitying, it’s time to get back in shape and transform yourself to be the most charming girl in town.

Avoid Any Contact with Your Ex-Boyfriend

You might wonder why I’m asking you to avoid contacting your ex even if your goal is to win him back into your life. It’s because when you stop to feel so obsessed with your ex, he will feel that you have finally moved on with your life and he will be the one to run after you. Soon enough, you’ll have him back into your life once again even if you have not exerted any effort at all. Sounds exciting, right?

Pretend Like You Have Not Seen Him

When you accidentally bump into your ex at a mall, do not ever make the first move to greet him, especially if you see him with another girl. What you should be doing is to act like you have not seen him, but make sure to be at your prettiest and sexiest. This will surely leave him staring blankly at you and do not be surprised to receive a text or a call from him afterwards.

Do Not Easily Give-in to Your Feelings

No matter how tempting it is to ask your ex-boyfriend for a dinner date so you can express how much you still love him, do not ever give-in to this. Do not forget the saying that says, “follow love and it will flee and ignore love and it will follow thee.” This actually applies to your current status. So if you want to win your ex boyfriend back, try to ignore your ex boyfriend as much as you can, and you will be shocked to see him rushing back to win you over.

Basically, the theory behind all these strategies is to make your ex boyfriend feel that you are happy with your life even if you two are no longer together. The tips above might not be effective for you, but this is also a good way for you to improve yourself and become a better person for someone else other than your ex. But if you think that these tips are working for you, then go on with it, so you will be able to reap the benefits in the future.

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