More than 90% of diabetics are of Kind 2 Type two diabetes issues which is also known as System insulin Separate Type two diabetes issues. The reason it is so-called as System insulin Separate is because the main of the issue is not because of the deficiency of System insulin. Kind 2 Type two diabetes issues sufferers suffer from a situation known as System insulin Stage of resistance in which the insulin created cannot successfully does its job in moving glucose substances into the tissues.

Many people thought that diabetes is a result of deficiency of insulin. That is only true for Kind 1 Type two diabetes issues but may be totally opposite for Kind 2 Type two diabetes issues. You must understand that at the beginning of Kind 2 Type two diabetes issues, the affected person has completely normal pancreatic that generate healthy degree of insulin. It is due to certain mysterious reasons that the insulin cannot successfully connection with insulin receptors on the mobile tissue layer to open up the glucose programs that permit the access of glucose into the mobile.

Minimal amount of insulin is managed in the blood when someone is having an vacant stomach, but the of insulin will increase when the censors in the pancreatic sense the increase of glucose after a meal. These increase of insulin is to help send off those fresh glucoses in blood into the tissues for wind turbine or transforms to glycogen for storage.

But when those glucose substances cannot get into the tissues, they recovery into the blood vessels and that will further activate the censors in the pancreatic the keep on generating insulin. This is like pushing a employee to work extra time doing something that is not practical in fixing issue. This situation will remain in such a way for many decades until one day the pancreatic is worn out and the of insulin start to drop despite the continuous pleasure from the glucose in the blood.

This is like atipping point for the diabetes individual when instantly everything breaks after many decades of having Kind 2 Type two diabetes issues. Now the pancreatic cannot generate enough insulin and those little insulin left also cannot does its job successfully due to System insulin Stage of resistance. This is what I call Kind 3 Type two diabetes issues which appears like Kind 1 + Kind 2 Type two diabetes issues.

Although the actual cause of System insulin Stage of resistance is yet to be determined by researchers or physicians, but the consequences of this problem has already been well noticed among the Kind 2 Type two diabetes issues sufferers. To most physicians, Kind 2 Type two diabetes issues is a non-reversible disease that a individual has to live with for the rest of his life, together with the diabetic remedies tablets.

This is pathetic! Those diabetic medication can only momentarily lower down the blood glucose levels level while harmful the body behind the scene! And the adverse reactions due to those medication will only surface after many years! None of those diabetic medication is performing on treating the main cause of System insulin Resistance!

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