That boom of the temples and the streets is back with the carnival of victory of Rama; the Dussehra is here. This Hindu Festival is the closing day for the Navratri. Dussehra is the tenth day after the nine festive nights of Durga Puja. It is incorporated with the theme of the “victory of good over evil” that was the result of the battle between the divine feminine goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura. Similarly, the God Rama fight with the Ravana the evil and won.

The Main event of the Dussehra is based on burring the statue of the Ravan in the decided place that is usually the centre place of the colony. Every community of the Hindu arranges the status of the Ravan filled with fireworks to burn it up and defeat the demon every year for giving tribute to the brave Ram. It is celebrated in the month of September/October right after the Navratri. The nine nights of worship end on the tenth day of celebration with the destruction of evil.

The Famous Ramlila

The special part of the Dussehra festival is the Ramlila play that is reproduced every year to tell the story of the Ram and Ravan that how the God Ram saved his wife Sita from the demon, who kidnapped her, and ultimately the good won over the bad. There was a deadly battle between them that is dramatized on the stage usually by the kids and sometimes also by the adults. The costumes are designed for the appearance of the Ram with the royal rob and the Ravan with the helmet connected with so many heads.

The Music and Chants

There are special songs for the Dussehra that are played on this day. Other than the complimentary puja, the dishes, music, songs, and celebrations make the evil jealous that he was destroyed. They are played in the Pandals especially created in the communities near temples or sometimes inside big temples.

The Procession

There is a great procession of the clay status of Durga in the streets and different areas of India on this day. Especially in the area of Eastern India, they say goodbye to Durga with the special preparation of the statues with Sindoor, red dresses, jewellery and big crowns that is slipped into the water. The clay dissolved in the water and the Devi is considered to be back at the skies after giving them blessings.

The start of Diwali

The end of the Dusshera brings the delight of another festival full of lights, happiness and sharing that is Diwali. It is to be celebrated after twenty days of Dussehra. Be ready for the time of celebrations and Happy Dussehra !

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