Running an efficient warehouse is becoming easier as technology becomes more advanced. Even so, accidents still happen often in warehouses, and you want to keep the losses down and the profits high. Here are seven ways to make sure that your company continues to make money.

1. Follow a Plan

Make a plan from the start of your business. Getting a loan is impossible without having a written plan first. Include the most details about every aspect of your business from the costs to the equipment.

2. Upgrade Your Plan

Every good plan is upgraded at some point or another. As you expand your business, expand the original plan and aim for higher goals. As you upgrade, make better predictions about the success of your warehouse.

3. Listen to Others

Many managers have egos that prevent them from listening to the advice of others. Listening is just as important as commanding for anyone who works in management. Form teams that require the input of everyone instead of just one person.

4. Form a Marketing Team

You cannot run a warehouse without promoting it to businesses that need your services. Hire marketers who are familiar with marketing directly to business owners. Most companies have websites nowadays, so you'll need digital marketers who are specialists in SEO and local advertising.

5. Hire a Consultant

The Internet has countless websites where you'll find business consultants. They help you to make better decisions on any topic that affects you. Find specialized consultants who are experts in finance, marketing or sales.

6. Track Analytics

Analytics consist of important data and numbers that are tracked on software programs. It may seem like something that your marketer is solely responsible for, but you are encouraged to understand analytics, too. This data helps you to analyze and predict the success of your company.

7. Hire an Inventory Manager

An inventory manager has a wide range of duties to cover. He or she has to order new equipment to move the inventory around more easily. The same person who keeps track of inventory losses should buy new material handling equipment from companies like Garland's, Inc.

Some warehouses store thousands of items in one place, and hundreds could enter and exit a warehouse within one day. Running that kind of business is a carefully calculated effort. Make sure that your warehouse is making money in the most efficient way possible.

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Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her 3-year-old husky Snowball.