A poorly ventilated warehouse becomes stuffy. Without proper air circulation, humidity and temperature levels rise. Failure to keep the warehouse well-ventilated results in either excess heating or cold, which is detrimental to workers and the equipment within the warehouse environment. This is unhealthy and dangerous to workers, especially if toxic fumes build up. It is therefore important to understand the problems created by poor ventilation and their solutions in order to have clean and safe air for a better warehouse environment.

When workers get exposed to very high heat levels, their performance dips. Excessive heat is also harmful to warehouse equipment. Not only does it lead to low performance, heat also reduces workers’ ability to focus making them less efficient and prone to warehouse accidents. Heat stress occurs when these high levels of heat are prolonged. Equipment might also not operate at optimum at high temperatures.

The best solution to high heat levels is keeping the warehouse properly ventilated using fans and air dryers. These are available in various warehouse ventilation equipment companies like Kruman Equipment Company. This will keep all equipment running under normal temperatures.

Just like in very high temperatures, very cold warehouse environments are not healthy for workers. This is particularly harmful to older employees suffering from arthritis. Cold also affects machinery and materials stored in the warehouse, since some become brittle under low temperatures. Equipment stored at low temperatures takes a while to get to normal operating temperature, thus reducing their efficiency levels. Investing in a heating system will help regulate the cold, keeping both workers and equipment warmed.

Very high humidity results in warping of most materials, particularly wooden materials since wood absorbs moisture and expands. It also results in rusting of equipment. Too much buildup of humidity is harmful to your employees’ health since it encourages the growth of molds and bacteria. Too low humidity levels result in a static buildup which is dangerous for warehouses that process or store materials that are sensitive to static electricity. It is quite dangerous if the warehouse has explosive materials stored within. Getting portable heating or cooling systems will help in controlling humidity within a warehouse.

Another reason for having properly ventilated warehouses with clean and fresh air is the buildup of dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide. This occurs in warehouses that frequently have vehicles driving in or around them. It is advisable to fit such vehicles with exhaust hoods and that the warehouse airflow adheres to minimum safety requirements by investing in proper ventilation systems to protect employees from toxic fumes.

Due to the changing nature of warehouse environments, it is cheaper and better to invest in temporary solutions that ensure the air in a warehouse is safe and clean. Portable heating and cooling systems will help regulate the room temperature in a warehouse by being placed where the warehouse needs cooling or heating. It also cost-effective, keeps the warehouse properly ventilated and employees comfortable. They also reduce humidity levels in a warehouse.

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