The format and impossibility of computer certification exams is consistently changing. When I took my first certification exam (Novell NetWare 3.1x CNA, January 1997), there was clearly no such thing as being a simulator question, and my practical abilities really just weren't tested. The exams then were much heavier on memorization.

One factor that helped make up with the could be that the Novell exams were flexible. In case you missed something on a explicit topic, you'll continue being asked questions regarding that topic before you started using it right. You couldn't afford to be weak in a topic, for the reason that exam would almost certainly see that out and hitting you with questions in that topic unless you failed.

Preparing the strain, following a certain quantity of questions your exam could end without notice. You'd little idea the amount of questions you can get, exactly that you would get no less than 15. Whenever you hit the "next" button after question 15, you did not know if you'd get another question or when the exam would suddenly end and provide you a pass or fail reaction.

Times have changed. Cisco has led the way in presenting simulator inquiries to their exams, in which the applicant is assigned a simulation of the modem or network and asked to execute tasks that somebody that is ready to earn that certification can perform. It is a far better test of competency compared to the exams were eight years back.

What is going to function as next "big jump" in computer certification exams? To earn the world's most challenging technical certification, the CCIE, the candidate must first pass a rigorous 100-question qualification exam, and must then pass an operating lab exam. The candidate is assigned an exacting pair of network desires and should build that network on a pod of Cisco routers and switches within just eight hours.

Might personal opinion rather than "insider information", but I believe your day can come when the CCNA, CCNP, and also other Cisco certifications will need some type of hands-on practical lab to create the certification. What better way to check proficiency rather than must perform tasks on real Cisco equipment? There would be more expense for Cisco using this type of sort of testing, since lab machine and lab proctors will be needed, but the already-prized CCNA and CCNP would become very much more significant at work if employers knew that to earn that certification, the task applicant was required to pass a hands-on exam.

This may profit the candidates at the same time, since it would do a much better job in protecting their investment in time and money. This may be the next phase in ferretting out candidates who make an effort to manage the CCNA and CCNP exams. Because i always tell my students and customers, if you are waiting in front of this router or switch, there is absolutely no multiple choice ... you either understand it or else you don't!

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