Everyone should save 20% of all money made every month and invest it long-term so that it grows and produces income.

There are two types of people that form the work force in a capitalist society like the USA (i) people who work until they drop, who work for others and make them rich so
that they have a cushy life; (ii) people who work for a certain part of their lives (from 20 - 30) when the energy is highest, build a certain amount of capital and invest it

Once these future investors reach past the age of 30, they start to gain more experience, the energy level starts to recede, more focus goes to security and gaining

Once at least 100 k has been invested, there is a certain amount of income every month and lesser dependence on a job because the rent can be paid from the
invested capital.

As we progress in life, our needs, desires and moral values change. It should be kept in
mind that in Western societies all the attention is paid to the external life and the internal growth is totally ignored.

The capitalist societies are organized in a way that they do not allow working classes to accumulate cash, because cash is king. All businesses are after your cash. So they devise
ways to get your hard-earned cash. To do this, business firms employ, at a huge expense, experts who use psychographics and demographics of the consumers, so that they can position their merchandise correctly. Remember, all the fight is for your cash. Most business owners believe in having a cushy life-style, so that their children can have the best education and hence a better life. The higher the education, the better placed they are
jobs and in society.

Once a working man or woman has reached 40, he/she looks to retirement. There is a practice of discrimination in business against women and they are normally paid less than
men for the same job. And even less, if a woman does not have a college degree recognized by the elite).

On our planet earth there are two great movements: (1) to keep as many people as possible less informed than the rest. Information is disseminated through schools,
colleges and the media. If you went to a public school, you are not supposed to be as smart educationally as those who went to a private school. And it is those privileged
-ones that will dominate the rest economically and socially. (2) To keep the total wealth(including cash money) of the earth in the hands of a few families, so that they may have power over the others who have less.

Everyone needs: (1) a good doctor (2) a good financial planner (3) an informed investment adviser (4) a good and competent astrologer to warn against changing
circumstances so that we may prepare well in advance for any negative cycles affecting wealth or health); (5) at least three real friends (people who are in harmony physically, mentally and spiritually).

In the Western civilizations most attention is paid to the external well-being of society.
The internal needs are mostly ignored. In fact, it is the internal that creates the external.

The Eastern philosophies teach tolerance of those who disagree with us, tolerance of
harsh circumstances physically, of hard times when cash is less. They emphasize: punctuality, faithfulness, patience, loyalty, simple living and high thinking, self-discipline
and a balanced life. When a person has ignored his moral and spiritual needs for an extended period of time, it leads to hunger and imbalance on a mental and spiritual plane that manifests in psychosomatic diseases and physical ill-health. This hunger can lead very dire circumstances. There are many bored millionaires. Why? because they cannot
justify their existence.

The whole idea of "having a good time" is quite fallacious. This kind of enjoyment is very costly because it is merely external and involves some of the five senses. That is
why the outcome is temporal. The real and long-lasting pleasure comes from all endeavors involving the mind and soul. Why? Because these two are eternal but the
body, to which the senses belong, is perishable. The more we satisfy the urges of the senses, the more they demand from us. And that's what constitutes the drama of illusion
and delusion.

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