Losing the one person you love to a break up, regardless of the reason, can cause you many sleepless nights. However, a break up does not mean your relationship is over forever. Sometimes, it's just a way for couples to take a breather and think. If you convinced that you are both meant to be, you will need some powerful tricks to get him back. Here are sure-fire ways you can make this happen:

1. Never pity yourself.

Getting dumped or dumping someone is never easy. If your boyfriend left you, it can be easy to think you are not desirable and are disposable, but look at it this way:if you become needy and push yourself down in the dumps, do you think your man will want to pick you up again? It's all a matter of proper perspective. If you pity yourself and continuously blame yourself, you will lose the courage to work things out with your man.

Instead of thinking about your faults, you can spend your time thinking about your positive traits. What are some of the things your ex enjoyed about you? This will boost your confidence. He will eventually see these traits and begin to love you again for what and who you really are.

2. Do not mess with boundaries.

When a couple splits, the emotions make it almost impossible to talk it out calmly and rationally. Emotions can get in the way of logic. If you approach him by calling, sending messages and writing him lengthy emails, he will only feel smothered and will want to keep his distance. Stop caring about you dumped who.

Instead of stalking him and being present in all of his whereabouts, use your alone time and space to enrich yourself. This about what you did in the relationship. How can you make it better if he gives you another chance? Keeping your distance will make him miss you more.

3. Get back in shape.

A common reason guys have for breaking up with their girlfriend is because she has let herself go. They either let themselves go or depend too much on their boyfriends. Now that you are single, take time to look at what’s missing in your life. You will be amazed at the many things you have forgotten because of your relationship.

If you want, you could get a makeover and ask your stylist to change your hairstlye. You could start toning your body by exercising more and getting fit. Many women are amazed how confident they become when they are phyiscally stronger. Moreover, a new look, attitude or activity will attract him back to you.

There secrets are highly effective when trying to win back your man, but your personality and his will dictate how you can personalize, these, as long as your own methods aren’t dirty. Whatever you do, remember how the foundation of every relationships should be trust and respect.

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