I post articles on a few sites, one of which is http://ezinearticles.com. They give me a report of how many views each of my articles gets and the keywords that were used to find it. This has been a very interesting report.

The article that was viewed more than double any other article was The Different Types of Weaknesses Which Effect Us 

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Now to the point of this article, that the most common interest is in the weaknesses that plague us as human beings. This clearly shows that so many people feel weak in some way and are looking for ways to become stronger individuals.

The question is; if they are looking, why haven’t they found an answer? But an even more important question is; why are there so many people, percentage wise, limited by weaknesses they acknowledge having yet cannot change?

My experience shows that humans are designed to fail. We are simply built in a way that we will not succeed at becoming self-aware or self-directed, and we are destined to fail without significant effort and good luck.

However, within every design, there is always a flaw. A flaw is always the opposite of the intention, and in this case if the intention is to keep us limited, the ‘flaw’ is the way we can break past that. The flaw is that we have the potential to overcome this limited design and become masters of our life, beating many of the weaknesses that limit us.

My grandfather always told me; “God created all creatures equal, except man. To man He gave freedom of choice.”

Yes, we do have the POTENTIAL of free will, but people rarely, if ever, use it. The reason we leave this one quality that separates us from animals dormant is because we think we use it, even though we do not.

Our weaknesses perpetually plague us for the simple reason that we do not use the inherent flaw in the design because we look at being human in the reverse of its reality. People like to think we are designed to evolve and grow and be all great and wonderful. This denial of reality is what limits us through confusion of why would a perfect being intended to progress be plagued with flaws.

However, if you accept that we are designed to fail, you will accept the reason for our weaknesses as being intentional and thus be able to correct them with wisdom rather than confusion.

Just look at yourself, at humans throughout history, at the person working in retail or on the telephone support line, can you say we are designed to grow? The truth may not be pleasant, but denying it will only perpetuate its intention.

If you want to master your weaknesses, begin with developing an objective view of reality, reality of yourself and the world. When you stop wasting energy on confusion and focus your power on changing, with this truth, you can begin to make significant improvements to your character in a very short time.

Knowing that humans are by nature created to follow habits and patterns of our predecessors, and that we are lazy so do not want to put in effort which requires strain and sacrifice, the challenge of beating the design becomes more exciting.

It all boils down to you as an individual giving up the desires for pleasure all of the time in exchange for work part of your life and play part of your life. The teacher opens the door, but the student must walk through.

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David is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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