If one had their eye on a new car and they were to take it for a drive, they are likely to find out that it drives well. Along with how it drives, it is also likely to be a comfortable experience.

So if they are currently driving a car that is on its way out, this experience is going to be radically different to what they are used to. This is not to say they won’t feel comfortable inside the car, but that is going to be as far as it goes.

Worn Out

One way of looking at this would be to say that the car they have is worn out and the time has come for them to buy a new one. They are not in a position where they are looking to buy a new car for the sake of it; they are in a position where they need to buy a new car.

This could be car that they have had for well over a decade or it might only be a matter of years, for instance. If they had only had it for a few years, it could be said that the car didn’t last for very long; however, there could be more to it.

An Old Car

What this comes down to is that their car may have had a previous owner, and this means it would have had plenty of use before they ever bought it. In fact, there is also the chance that it has had number of owners.

Either way, the car they have will have been used a lot and it will be time for the car to be recycled. Now, while it could be said that this is a normal part of having car; what wouldn’t be normal is if a car just stopped working and couldn’t be fixed no matter what was done to it.

A Mystery

The car could be taken to a garage and they could conduct a diagnosis, and after doing this, they may believe that they have located the problem. But once they have fixed it, the car might still not work.

This process could on for a while and this may then cause one to take the car somewhere else. And once again, the same process could go on again and it might not be long until they start to wonder what is going on.

A Closer Look

So even though the car looks fine from the outside as well as from the inside, it still won’t work. If this was a human being as opposed to a car, it could be said that it has lost the will to live.

It has the ability to be driven by people, but it no longer has the desire to be driven by anyone. If the car was in position where it had come to the end of its life, it could be said that it would be normal for the car to longer have the will to live.

Human Beings

This is then similar to how a human being can get towards the end of their life and feel as though they are ready to move on, or they can lose the will to live while they still have a life to lead. From the outside, they can look as though everything is fine, but if someone was to look within them, they would soon see that this is not the case.

They may find that they don’t want to be here any longer, or they could find that while part of them does want to be here, a bigger part of them doesn’t. This is likely to show that they believe their life doesn’t have any meaning.


Also, this may also mean that they are in a lot of pain, and while this pain may relate to how they feel and what is going through their mind, it could also relate to what is physically taking place for them. And as a result of what is taking place, it is unlikely to matter whether the sun is shining or if it is raining; their outlook is unlikely to change.

While this could also be a sign that they are generally isolated from others people, this might not be the case. There could be a number of people in their life who are there for them.

Day To Day Life

They could be in a position where they pretend that everything is fine, and this may mean that the majority of people they meet don’t even realise what is going on for them. If they have a job where they work with others, they could also view them as someone who simply gets on with their job.

If one is able to look into how long they have experienced life in this way, they may find out that this happened after someone passed on or when a relationship came to an end. At the same time, they may see that this is how they have felt for most of their life.


When one experiences a loss, it might be possible for them to carry on with their life or they may find that they are unable to carry on. What this comes down to is that not every loss that one experiences is going to have a big effect on them.

But if one has lost a loved one, for instance, it could be said that it is going to be normal for them to lose the will to live. If one has felt his way for most of their life, it could be a sign that they experienced a loss during their younger years, and while this could mean that someone passed on; it may mean that they were abused and/or neglected.


The grief they experienced through not getting their developmental needs met is then trapped within them, and until this grief is processed, it is going to be challenge for them to experience life differently. But if the grief relates to what has taken place in their adult years, it will also be important for them to face the pain that is within them.


This is something that is unlikely to happen overnight and it will be important for one to reach out for support. While this can be provided by friends and family, it can also be supplied by a therapist and/or a support group.

During this time, it will be important for one to cry out the pain that is within them, among other things. Through engaging in this process, it may gradually be possible for one to find meaning and the will to live.

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