The Window of Our Soul ~ Divine Alignment

Come enjoy some Inner Reflection!

When do you feel aligned? When do you feel misaligned? Can you easily distinguish that difference? Can you articulate it, perhaps name it so you can identify with it more readily? This reflection is a valuable indicator that serves as a tool for Self-Empowerment. I'm sure many of you know how to do this, while others need more practice to better attune to the subtleties in mind, body and spirit. We all grow at our own pace when we’re ready to achieve a milestone that serves us best. This is the trustworthy wisdom that prepares our path of Self-Realization.

We can view our path of Self-Realization as a process of Alignment. Our Higher Self offers compassion to acknowledge and relinquish the Ego. Our Higher Self realizes that the Ego had it’s time and place with every good intention to protect us; however, as we nurture and truly know our true essence we can rely less and less on it. With Self-awareness we can improve (change) our Inner dialogue and allow our felt senses to offer the feedback we need to ease our re-alignment with our Highest Self. We can thank our Ego for the work it did for us over the years so that it is free to vanish at its own free will. Everything about the process is best accomplished in a loving way.

Since the moment we were born and throughout our lives we've experienced our unique “sense of self”. This is the person we’ve grown to know, yet aren’t we also continually evolving over time. Have you ever wondered how this may be so? Is this ‘true’ self a constant or do we really change? What do you believe and why? What experiences brought you to this conceptualization? Take a few moments to reflect back to earlier stages of your life, then consider and observe who you are today. How have you grown? What facilitated that growth?? Have your interests changed? Have your skills evolved? How might you use this information for your future? Are you comfortable with who you are today? What would you like to change and how can you do so? Please feel free to grab your Journal, explore and then return when you're ready!!!

Windows of the Ego, the Soul and Spirit.

At any given point in time we express ourselves from some point of view, like a Window of Consciousness. As we awaken each day, we move along our unique time-line. This window we know may change. Our window can reveal moments from our past, perspective in the present as well as glimpses of our future. As we learn to integrate these time orientations, we can engender a resolve to transcend what our Ego may have told us. The Ego lives in a repetition of mind and does not embrace whole truth and new horizons. It sees fault, limits and comparisons; whereas, when we open the Window to Our Soul, it shows us that we can grow into our Highest Self with inspiring visions! This is what our Loving Spirit wants for all of us.

Our Highest Self seeks Truth!! Truth always resonates with Spirit and helps imbue the Soul with Faith and Courage for making wise choices. The Ego copes, defends and rationalizes, the Soul realizes and allows us to bloom as the Spirit blesses our Soul and knows what’s best without doubt. The hope is that the Ego learns appropriate lessons and transmutes itself into Soul growth energy. With that said, at any given moment the Soul experiences a streamlined timeless journey that is natural and nurturing for our “self”. Oftentimes that which we are not given is just as much a blessing as what is given. We learn to respect our Spirit through our Soul.

Let’s co-create with pure intention and devote our time to practice Self-Empowerment principles as we grow. Shifting into alignment with your Divine nature takes personal effort, discipline and self-direction through the main vehicle of ‘ self-awareness’. You can always find what works for you. It’s a matter of personal affinity and resonance with what possibilities speak to you!!! Take note of them and be patient with yourself. Your innate aptitudes will guide you like indicators for a natural progression into alignment with Spirit.

To accept and transform the present moment we must respect and integrate the past, present and future. So let’s take a look at how we may do this!!!

The Window of Our Soul craves our Divine Alignment! To align, we breathe consciously, deeply and knowingly with Faith and Trust in our Source. The entirety of this moment reflects the Truth of how you came to be as you are, along with all that you appreciate! Let's Never underestimate the good we do and the personal potential we hold. Are you willing to find your voice to Know yourself better every day? What do you really Love about yourself- really really ? Let your Soul and Spirit speak within and Listen. This natural alignment promotes health and feels like assurance. Let the sacred energy permeate you, feel and see it. What color is it? What does it feel like today? Does it speak to you in words or visions? Honor what your Soul tells you, it knows the depth of your strengths and weaknesses. Also take time to recall your dreams. They can assist you along your journey. Notice a symbol or message and explore it to see what it wants to share with you. As you practice Meditation, Prayer, Dream Journaling, Art, Writing, Dance and many other endeavors to access your Higher Self, remember that Spirit blessed your Soul a long, long time ago, well before your ‘birth’ date.

The bottom line is that our Spirit wants us to be healthy, safe, loved and at peace. It does not justify fear or anxiety. In fact, when these emotions arise Spirit soothes and teaches us to replace these with Faith, Hope and Courage. When we look through the Window of our Soul we can feel our Spirit move us, love us, protect us and understand us. When we’re moving in a fluid, effortless manner we can feel our Soul expanding while being guided by Spirit. We're able to sense an Inner Clarity and Self-Direction through the grace of Spirit!

It's so heartwarming to know that we share this Loving Spirit together!

Author's Bio: 

Moreen is a compassionate, intuitive, holistic practitioner, Author of 'Divine Dimensions: Expressions in Daily LIfe' (2014) Available on or Barnes and Noble website.
Her book is an anthology of themed articles that promote Self-Empowerment, improve communication skills, enhance self-efficacy and facilitate true Self-transformation. Moreen also published works in multiple international anthologies published through PWN.

She has a background in psychotherapy (Licensed MSW) including the experiential healing arts such as NLP,EMDR, Reiki and dream interpretation. Additionally, she has practiced Social Work from a Spiritual/holistic perspective to help others overcome challenges to improve their lives in generative ways!

Feel free to reach out to for any inquiry or correspondence.

Enjoy The Journey WIth An Open Heart.