“The aborigines of Australia believe everything exists on the planet for a reason. Everything in Oneness has a purpose. There are no freaks, misfits, or accidents. There are only things that humans do not understand. There are only misunderstandings and mysteries not yet revealed to mortal man.”

Marlo Morgan, an American anthropologist, shares the native wisdom of the “Real People”—the aborigines in the wild Outback of Australia in her captivating book “Mutant Message Down Under.”

Everyone Has Unique Gifts
Morgan describes the unique lives of her native friends, “Everyone is multi-talented. These people spend their life exploring themselves as musician, healer, cook, storyteller, etc. and giving themselves new names and promotions. Every human being is unique and each of us is given certain characteristics that are exceptionally strong and can become a talent in life.”

Each child is named at birth, but it is understood that as a person develops, the birth name will be outgrown, and the individuals will select for themselves a more appropriate greeting. Hopefully one’s name will change several times in a lifetime as wisdom, creativity and purpose also become more clearly defined with time. Our group contained Story Teller, Tool Maker, Secret Keeper, Sewing Master, Big Music, Bearer of Happiness, Female Healer, Medicine Man, Spirit Woman, Kindred to Large Animals, Bird Dreaming and Great Stone Hunter.”

The aborigines celebrate no holidays in our yearly manner. Morgan writes, “They do honor each tribe member sometime throughout the year—not on a specific birthday, but rather to acknowledge the person’s talent, his contribution to the community, his personal spiritual growth. Everyone is recognized by a special party, but it has nothing to do with age or birth date. It is in recognition of uniqueness and contribution to life.”

They believe that the purpose for the passage of time is to allow a person to become better, wiser, to express more and more of one’s BEINGNESS. So if you are a better person this year than last, and only you know that for certain, then you call for the party. They do not celebrate getting older. What they do celebrate is when someone is becoming better. The Real People say, ‘We celebrate if we are a better, wiser person this year than last. Only you would know, so it is you who tells the others when it is time to have the party.’”

Mental Telepathy Is the Best Way to Communicate
The aborigines feel that mental telepathy is the way humans were designed to communicate. When people use head-to-head talk, different languages and various written alphabets are eliminated as obstacles.

This brave pioneer in consciousness shares, “The Real People can use telepathy because above all they never tell a lie, not a small fabrication, not a partial truth, nor any gross unreal statement. No lies at all, so they have nothing to hide. They are a group of people who are not afraid to have their minds open to receive and are willing give one another information.”

The Real People don’t think the voice was designed for talking. You do that with your heart/head center. If the voice is used for speech, one tends to get into small unnecessary and less spiritual conversation. The voice is made for singing, for celebration, and healing.”

But people can only use mental telepathy successfully if their heart is clear. Morgan relates, “Later during our journey when they worked with me to develop my mental communication, I learned as long as I had anything in my heart or my head I still felt necessary to hide, it would not work. I had to come to peace with EVERYTHING—to lay my mind out on a table like the Real People do, and stand by as my motives were exposed and examined. I had to learn to forgive myself. Not to judge but to learn from the past. They showed me how vital it was to accept, be truthful and love myself so I could do the same with others.”

Catch Your Dreams
The aborigines of Australia are Dream Catchers. They feel “Everyone dreams. Not everyone cares to remember their dreams or learn the information from them, but everyone does dream. Dreams are the shadow of Reality. Everything that exists, that happens in life, is also available in the dream work. All answers are there. Special Dream Catcher webs are helpful in a ceremony of song and dance to aid in asking the universe for dream guidance”

The tribe uses the Dream Catchers to ask for guidance in any situation. If they want help in understanding a relationship, a health question, or the purpose behind some experience, they believe the answer can be brought to light in a dream. Mutants [modern Western people] know only one way to enter the dream state. That is when asleep. But the Real People are aware of dream consciousness while awake.”

The tribal people do not dream at night unless they deliberately ‘call in’ a dream. Sleep for them is a time of important rest and recovery of the body. It is not meant to be a time of splitting energy between projects. They believe the reason Mutants dream at night is because in our society we are not allowed to dream during the day and to dream with one’s eyes open is totally misunderstood.”

Strive to Be Always Alive
The Real People speak about “alive” and “non-alive” time. To the aborigines, Morgan notes, “A person is non-living when angry, depressed, feeling sorry for himself or filled with fear. Breathing doesn’t determine being alive. It just tells others which body is ready for burial or not! Not all breathing people are in a state of aliveness.

It’s okay to try out negative emotions and see how they feel, but it certainly isn’t a place one would wisely want to stay. When a soul is in human form you get to play. To see how it feels to be happy or sad, jealous or grateful etc. But you are supposed to learn from the experience and ultimately figure out which feels painful and which feels great.”

The Real People believe how you feel emotionally about things is what really registers. It is recorded in every cell of the body, in the core of your personality, in your mind and in your eternal Self. It is the feeling you experience when you openly and lovingly give, that either does or does not register.”

Giving water to a dying plant or animal or giving encouragement, gains as much enlightenment for knowing life and our Creator as finding a thirsty person and providing nourishment. You leave this plane of existence with a recorded scorecard, so to speak, that registers moment by moment how you mastered emotion.”

We Are But Visitors Here
According to these ancient people, “all humans are spirits only visiting this world. All spirits are ‘forever beings.’ All encounters with other people are experiences and all experiences are forever connections. The Real People close the circle of each experience. We do not leave ends frayed as Mutants do. If you walk away with bad feelings in your heart for another person and that circle is not closed it will be repeated later in your life. You will not suffer once but over and over until you learn. It is good to observe, to learn and become wiser from what has happened. It is good to give thanks, as you say, to bless it, and walk away in peace.”

To the aborigines, the world is a place of natural abundance. This valiant seeker relates, “The Real people Tribe never go without food. Always, the universe responds to their mind-talk. The daily food was a very important part of our evening celebration. I learned that the appearance of food was not taken for granted. It was first requested, always expected to appear, and did appear, but was gratefully received and genuine gratitude was always given.”

For centuries The Real People nation has had the practice at birth to speak the same first phrase to all newborns. As Morgan reveals, “Each person hears the same exact first human words. ‘We love you and support you on the journey.’ At an aborigine’s final celebration [death], everyone hugs them and repeats the phrase again: ‘We love you and support you on the journey.’ Then the departing person sits down in the sand and shuts down the body systems. In less than two minutes they are gone. There is no sorrow or mourning.”

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