The answer to a healthier people lie in nature. The abundance of Vegetables and Fruits of different sizes and shapes packed with nutrition needed by the body in addition to sweet tastes tend to lead us to agree with this.
Fruits have been a part of our diet for thousands of years and reports suggest that they are good for the body. They are easily digested, they keep us from over eating by filling our stomachs for longer periods
Our focus is on a fruit which though primarily from the tropics of America (Mexico and Central America), has travelled all around the world gracing the tables of both young and old, rich and poor alike: The Papaya
The papaya is a large tree-like plant that can stand between5 - 20 metres tall. It's green in colour when unripe and changes colour with visible patches of yellow and red when ripe. It has been dubbed: "The Miracle Fruit" by some because of its many uses. It is eaten without the seeds and skin and it has a soft taste. It is anti-fungal thereby limiting fungi infections in the body. The seeds when ground are used as spice instead of black pepper. The fruit and its sap has been used by the american natives to tender tough meat and the leaves when boiled has been said to combat malaria.
From the beauty and wellness point of view, the papaya is a veritable ally as it softens the face when applied on it. It leaves the skin feeling supple and soft turning back the hands of time.
The papaya has been dubbed a fat-blaster, it combats the malaria parasite in the body and is a sweet fruit. Papaya is obviously laden with nutrients essential to body functions and is readily available and affordable at convenience stores and fruit shops. Wouldn't you rather eat a papaya today?

Nutritional Value per 100g:
Protein: 0.61g
Fat: 0.18g
Sugar: 5.90g
Dietary fibre: 1.8g
Vitamin A: 32(micro grams)
Thiamine: 0.04mg
Carbohydrate: 9.81g

As Facial Mask:
Get ripe papaya. Mash a little quantity and mix a little honey into it (one teaspoonful). Apply paste to the face. Leave for 10 - 15 minutes then brush off papaya with a clean cloth. Alternatively, you may choose to apply the paste before having a bath. If you choose this method, wash your face with warm water after the application. Do this twice a week and your skin will glow and you'll love seeing your skin become supple and sleek to touch. Eat or use a papaya today

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