Most companies use various marketing strategies to be able to reach every potential customer. There is the so-called personal marketing, wherein sales people perform a door-to-door campaign. Next is the promotions. This is usually done by marketing products and services to exhibits, trade fairs, commercial and residential locals. Another program is made through catalogue marketing by mail orders. A novel concept is Internet marketing by participating in advertisements, social media, blogs and web forums. Included in the roster is telemarketing, which operates through the help of the telephone. Personal, promotional, catalog, Internet and telemarketing- all of these are equally important. But, the greatest of all is telemarketing.

No arguments are needed in order to prove the effectiveness of telemarketing. This marketing instrument is responsible for the success of many business undertakings. This includes lead generation through cold-calling and appointment setting, data profiling, market analysis and the likes. The power of the telephone lies on its response and reach ratio. Two people can still make a long conversation even if it means that each of them is on the opposite side of the world.

Yes, there are many fish in the water. However, telemarketing is not your ordinary one. To prove that this is true, absorb the following merits when you use telemarketing:

1. There is a human link between the telemarketer and the prospect. Unlike any other campaigns, telemarketing provides a customized and personal connection to customers. Sales leads experience first-hand human interaction.

2. It is more accessible to a wider customer base. With one phone call and for a few seconds, a telemarketer can easily reach a prospect, wherever and whenever possible and desirable.

3. It saves time. This is so because it takes only an instant to contact potential customers. Moreover, quick responses are also expected.

4. It is cost-effective when outsourced.

The role that telemarketing plays in lead generation is of the most critical part. A business will meet its death when sales leads are not generated. Through effective telemarketing, lead generation services are made easier and faster. It takes though a lot of resources, namely a swarm of specialists and advance technology.

The idyllic telemarketing scenario can be improved when you opt to outsource your lead generation services. Most agree why a company ought to seek the aid of an outbound call center. First, your firm is not specializing in telemarketing. Even though you may have the best sales and marketing staff, telemarketing is still not in their line of field. This is the same reason why you hire advertisers to do TV, radio and Internet ads. It can not be that you do two Goliaths in one. Second, telemarketing service providers are equipped with the much-needed arsenal of weapons. So to speak, most telemarketing firms have produced highly trained cold-callers who precisely perform teleprospecting. Moreover, they have deployed sharp-witted appointment setters who assure that only qualified appointments are set. Third, they have invested in technological advancements. Fourth, it is more practical than building an in-house telemarketing, mainly because it eliminates costly expenditures like infrastructures and employment.

Indeed, telemarketing fuels the lead generation vehicle of every company. However, it will be more investment wise to contract a third party service provider to minimize costs without compromising the quality of services and performance results.

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