Scents and perfumes have become an active part of our daily grooming sessions. This trend hasn’t been recently adapted but has been followed since the ancient times. The admiration towards distinctive aromas attracted the early Egyptians who were known to blend flaming resins and woods. These perfumes were later used for their various religious ceremonies. Interestingly, there are stories which create a connection between humans and gods, since perfumes were pleasing to the heavenly powers and would ensure a better place in the next life.

The usefulness of scented oils, and other fragrances has been acknowledged by various civilizations from the past, and the present itself delivers an example that this inclination is truly alive. The modern world has smartly utilized a variety of fragrances to be used in different forms. The market is full of scented candles, soaps and other body products. But are you actually aware why people wear perfumes? To summarize, its effect is known to make us ‘happy’, where the term encloses several emotions of positivity.

Below mentioned are some of the observed and analyzed effects of fragrances on humans that are pleasing and rightly important!

Triggering Sexuality and Desire
Did you know that are body consists of scent triggered hormones? The actual term for these hormones is pheromones which arouse sexual appetite. To be accurate, the activation of pheromones play a vital part in human sexuality & desire. Equivalents of this particular human hormone is available in some perfumes as the scent works to activate increased sexual craving.

According to research reports, many of the recognized pheromones have only functioned on men; that is, women wearing such perfumes implant superior sexual desire in the opposite gender around them. With this, the females are rewarded with a self-esteem boost, since they are fulfilled with the tag of being attractive and ‘embellished’. The cosmetic fragrance market has indeed benefitted majorly from this fact, as a number of fragrance manufacturers have broadened their catalogue in order to satisfy all types of customers.

Memory Assistance
One must surely try to understand the connection between memory and fragrances. We can take an operating example; suppose you are in a nearby market and suddenly the smell of vanilla icing from a bakery makes you travel to your mother’s kitchen where she used to bake delicious pastries on the weekends. Hence, the primary motive of most perfumes these days is to build a connection with an individual through familiarity of aromas that have always stayed in their lives.

You must know that raspberries and chocolate deliver a feel-at-home aroma and the same is followed for different scents which tend to create a link with positive memories. The best practice is to visit a fragrance store and check out different versions of scents to guess which one reminds you of what.

Rejuvenating Effect
The weekly routine indeed gets tiring for most of us. An escape is always needed in order to refill our souls. It doesn’t matter what gender or age, we all require a place or moment of rejuvenation. The concept of fragrances has been actively explored to provide comfort and relaxation. A scented bath or massage using flowery fragrances is quite a trend these days.
There are therapeutic advantages of fragrances which have been studied and implemented to treat people experiencing stress. Human senses need to be revitalized and perfumes or body mists just suit perfect to fulfill that task.

Flaunt Your Scent
Finally, we need to accept this fact that apart from the ‘intense’ advantages, the simplest reason to wear a good fragrance is to flaunt our individuality. There are several brands operating all over the world which provide broad categories of scents, perfumes and diversified aromas. One needs to be observant and aware of his/her personality as it plays a crucial facet in picking up a fragrance that matches impeccably. Also, people do want to show off their luxurious self by possessing fragrance products from expensive brands. These behaviors are practiced as they ignite self-confidence as well as self-esteem when you are going to face a crowd of friends, colleagues or social gatherings.
The internet will surely help you gain knowledge about popular ‘eau de toilette’ brands which have managed to create a broad customer base. Never rush into making a selection, since a fragrance needs time & patience to be spotted!

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