After taking my laptop to my local techie guys for an operating system upgrade the other day, I had this rather amazing ‘Alice In Wonderland’ style dream about the event. In the dream I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t be more in control of my own operating system, why I couldn’t choose which programs it ran and when they were run and why these programs couldn’t solve the problems I was having in my life (around this time, my mind was engaged in solving a rather perplexing problem to no avail).

I guess you could say that I woke up with one of those ‘aha’ moments where I realised that just as I could easily take my computer in for a software upgrade, I could do the same for my own mind. basically I understood that my brain was nothing more than an operating system and, like computer systems, was able to be upgraded.

Now, unfortunately, my local techies, who did a great job or reformatting my computer software, weren’t so adept at re-formatting the mental software so I wasnt’ sure where to go to ask for assistance. After some deliberation, I did what anyone dead keen on looking for answers generally does: I got onto the internet and started plugging away, looking for answers.

I found most of the usual self-help suspects there (NLP, subliminals, self-hypnosis), which all work and deliver fantastic results and just as I was about to call it a day and settle down with one of my favourite hypnosis sessions, I came across something really interesting. It was a free down of the first five chapters of Andy Shaw’s e-book, ‘A Bug-Free Mind’ and I was hooked.


Because Andy really confirmed for me what I suspected to be true all along; that the mind operate in a very similar way to a computer operating system and as such, can be upgraded in a similar way as well.

So you know the feeling of frustration you get when you use a computer and it takes ages to boot because over the years, it has gathered such a buildup of junk, so you either have to tolerate it’s slowness or re-start it. As you would already know, re-starting is by far the better option as you know it will work much more efficiently after that.

Well, it’s the same with your mind, except that instead of viruses and bugs, we have limited thoughts and beliefs which slow us down. And not only do we have bits of it floating around, we have whole continents of it which come into contact with other bits of rubbish and morph into all sorts of weird thoughts, beliefs and assumptions. That’s right mind junk has a way of attracting other mind junk and forming all sorts of mental blockages.

And while traditional forms of self-help such as meditation are great for relaxing and clearing the mind, one you finish the meditation, you return back to the same mind full of bugs.

So what to do?

Well seeing as your mind has no real ‘re-start’ button, you need to find another alternative. Don’t be like most people and install good software in the form of self-help books, CD’s and courses onto a system that is infected with viruses - get the hardware fixed first. In other words, create a Bug Free Mind. Ok so it’s not as instant as rebooting your computer as there are some modules to get through, but I think you’ll find the results are similar.

So How Do I Create A Bug Free Mind?

Re-booting your mental hardware is really as a simple as holding onto a positive thought for 15 seconds.

Why 15 seconds?

Because this is enough time to prevent opposing thoughts from taking hold of your mind and sabotaging your thought process. That buildup of junk that your mind has acquired over the years, floating around up there simply can't wait to sabotage any new positive thoughts you have.

Therefore you have built up a protective shield against potential viruses which means that there will be less of a chance of them harming you in the future.

I’m sure you’ll agree that weird or not, there is a very strong and powerful message here. With A Bug-Free Mind, you can actually control the operating systems. Ok so now my mind just needs to be in as fantastic shape as my laptop now is and I’m good to go.


Author's Bio: 

Linda is an NLP practitioner and is passionate about helping others to manifest change in their lives. You can download her free e-book, 'How Your Sub-Conscious Mind Works' from her blog,