Having a bad day is one thing, but having a bad day that involves an overturned garbage truck is something else entirely. Believe it or not, a garbage truck accident is a fairly common occurrence, according to law firm Abels & Annes. At least it is more common than what most of us would like to think or believe.

Flipped Upside Down

There was one just a few days ago on Millhaven Road near Louisiana Delta Community College. It was a single vehicle accident, and no serious injures were reported with this incident. However, the truck ended up completely flipped over upside-down on the side of the road. To add to the embarrassment, some people took videos of the incident and they have been posted throughout the Internet.

Cleaning Up The Mess

Plunk's Wrecker Service was called to the scene, and they got the truck flipped back over onto its wheels. At the moment, it is still not exactly clear what caused the garbage truck accident, but it is known that the truck left its proper lane. That is still confusing to some because there is no known reason for why the truck should have left its lane.

On A Community College Campus

The truck actually ended up flipped up the way that it was on the community college campus. The person who was driving this truck will likely lose their job over the incident. While an investigation still has to be conducted, it is clear that the driver broke some traffic laws to end up in the predicament that he ended up in. This could be the result of distracted driving or some other factor.

Luckily No One Was Hurt

It is bad when you wreck any vehicle, it is worse when that vehicle belongs to the company you work for. Fortunately, you walk away with no injuries, but the evidence of the accident is now circulating all over the Internet. If you didn't feel bad about yourself before, you probably do now.

Just Remember It Could Be Worse

Think about all of this if you think that you are having a bad day. At least you have not yet done something that is captured for all of the Internet to see. You will not likely be losing your job today because of something that you have done. It is a tough place to be in when you know that what you have just done is going to cost you your job. There is little getting around it when it comes to something like this. The company trusts this person to get the job done right, and he failed to do that in this case.

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