In one word the glazing robots are amazing. These glass lifting machineries continue to take the world by awe because of their functional capability, innovation and design. 

Showcasing a couple of key features which are benefitting industries at large these robots are absolutely ground breaking. The machineries are especially, build based on vacuum lifting mechanisms offering extra stability whenever the need arises. Moreover, they offer high-capacity performance following actions while lifting glass units weighing up to 500kg or more: 

  • Lifting 
  • Tilting 
  • Rotating 

They help carry out various interior and exterior installations especially at sites which do not involve scaffolding works. Featuring telescopic lifting arms, the robots operate on hydraulic actions offering 180 degrees tilting functionalities which help in handling various types of horizontal loads. Further, they feature a robotic head which helps place glass units appropriately. 

The robotic machinery has a wide range of applications. It can be used to install both curtain walls and glass units. Even several manufacturers use Vacuum Lifter Hire for lifting various types of impervious panels. 

Not only lifting, these Vacuum Lifter Rentals Brisbane, offer applications such as carrying and manipulation of a glass unit while it is being installed. Other than these, the glazing robot showcases compact design while enhancing productivity, cost-efficiency and sustainability of a glass installation. 

Precision in glass manipulation 

The machineries offer full automated movement of glass load working in combination of gyroscopic control and linear side shifting mechanism over a vertical plane. 

Moreover, side shifting happens over a hydraulic control with the help of which the glass load is ideally aligned with an aperture. 

Further the load is moved on a vertical plane. Robots showcasing less advanced feature move loads in sideway directions with the help of front wheels. The load in this case travels on an arc. 

If the glass load moves out of alignment chances of damage become hard to avoid. Hence an operator has to step forth in manually adjusting its position to ensure maximum control over the load. The manual support helps place the glass safely. 

Modern Vacuum Lifters especially a glazing robot functions based on gyroscopic mechanism allowing support to panels exactly in an angle from where the boom moves in an upward and downward direction. 

With this technology the glazing robot can confidently position glass units in accurate areas. This further diminishes chances of repositioning and instances where need for additional support is required for the job. The loads are thus, controlled safely and perfectly to ensure maximum positive results. 

Application of a glazing robot involves the following benefits ultimately leveraging a manufacturing organisation in several ways such as the following: 

  • Manual handling is considerably reduced 
  • Fewer operational support needed 
  • Reduced costs 
  • Safe manoeuvrability 

Besides, the demonstrability of the job increases to leaps and bounds. Glazing robots feature vacuum valve systems offering excellent support during moving and installation of glass panels. They make glass lifting not just easier but a safer process for workers. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a Vacuum Lifter Hire company dealing with various glazing robots which help manipulate glass units. In some recent blogs the author has shed light on various subjects related to glass lifters.