In times past, caterers in Los Angeles didn’t serve receptions in this church. Now deconsecrated, ceremonies, cocktails, dinner, and dancing all happen here.

There are several reasons why the Northeast LA (NELA) town of Highland Park has become wildly attractive to young professionals moving there. It’s the vintage and midcentury modern homes, the coffee shops, restaurants, food trucks, and walkable neighborhoods. Establishments such as The York Manor that provide a venue space for all kinds of events - weddings, fundraisers, bar mitzvahs, and concerts - help define the heart of this area.

The York Manner is a 6,000-square-foot building on a 10,000-square-foot landscaped lot. It was constructed in 1913 (architects: Train & Williams) and is now an historical landmark. But what the original designers for this structure - which served as a church as recently as 2014, before its top-to-bottom renovation - didn’t envision is what an adaptable space for weddings (and wedding caterers) it could be.

This is because the proprietors of The York Manor allow bridal couples and other hosts to bring in the Los Angeles wedding caterer of their choice to use the banquet kitchen on the main space floor. For some, that means fine dining in the main hall. For others, it might be a festive occasion outdoors with food trucks and taco carts. The backyard outdoor features a cluster of sail-like canopies, a dramatic touch for outdoor dining or a cocktail party between the ceremony and reception inside. The facility’s basement party space has an underground cabaret vibe that enables it to serve as an after-party, cocktails, performance or dance venue.

Given the nature of the rapidly growing interest in homes and communities in NELA, it’s not surprising that The York Manor was the work of a collective of real estate brokers, designers, and investors known as Extraordinary Living-A Real Estate Collective. When it became available, they took a cotton to the structure and what it brings to the community as a commercial entity as well as a place for non-profit gatherings. In addition to weddings, the space hosts a summer yoga series, small-venue concerts, immersive workshops, and fundraisers. Corporate caterers find the space to be exceptionally adaptive to a variety of menus and methods of service.

“What sets The York Manor apart is our flexibility,” said Alicia Brockwell, COO with Extraordinary Living in a 2017 interview with VoyageLA. “We think it’s important our clients are fully self-expressed in their vision for their event. We call it ‘Design Your Day.’ We allow pretty much any vendor to work on our property. We have a stage that is great for DJs and live music. We have lovely grounds as well as a large main room with a kitchen and private rooms for guests to get ready on-site.”

For event planners, that kind of adaptability is golden. Just as the building has evolved to meet community needs of the 21st century, so too can the events themselves adapt to serve the diverse tastes of NELA party hosts.

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