Tales of Young Entrepreneurial Spirits
Becoming an entrepreneur at a young age is not easy. The journey is filled with a lot of ‘No’s’ instead of Yes. The fact that people do not take you seriously when you venture out shows how much of an improvement the global business paradigm needs in the space of acceptance and recognizing young talent. Young minds have a creative approach to every problem and unique solutions come out of maintaining such an outlook.
The business environment is very comprehensive and ever-changing. It is not easy to keep up with the changes. The resolve that it requires and the focus one needs to put on the efforts is quite tiring. Sometimes, even large, and renowned organizations crumble due to the lack of forecasting and accepting changes wherever necessary.
This is where a fresh and energetic input comes under limelight. The one who brings this light not just only enables latest and innovative ideas but tackles problems effectively and efficiently with new tactics and disruptive processes. Traditional methods of doing business sometimes can become a limitation and that is why a young mind can reinvent something that is already good into something that transcends greatness.
What makes all this possible, you ask? Well, the curiosity and the drive to make a difference in the business world is highly contagious. More so in the case of young entrepreneurs who are ready to explore the world and are quite fit enough to do it on their own. Leadership qualities differ from generation to generation. What might have worked 20 years ago in the business may not be yielding results now.
When the dynamics of business environment keeps changing, so does the behaviour of consumers. To meet the current customer expectations, sometimes an out-of-the-box approach can do wonders for the business. Now this new approach and fresh conceptualization especially on a trial-and-error basis can yield different results.
May it be positive or negative, a young entrepreneurial spirit is more accommodated to handle the repercussions and after-effects of fruitless efforts if anything goes sideways rather than a reputed organization with a limited room for improvisation.
Young minds have potential to achieve great things if guided and nurtured properly. In the business world where everything is changing by the minute, those who have firm desire to succeed will only remain in the game. People who try to make a difference without a proper plan of action are destined to face obstacles that will outgrow them; whereas dynamic minds will have lucrative ideas to initiate different plans of action with contingencies in place.
A business is like riding a horse. Until and unless you know how to reign in, you will not be able to win the horserace. That is where a true leadership is defined - the way you do business. Now a lot of seasoned professionals derive their experience through the years of expertise they have gained and most of the times their inputs are remarkably good. But the young generation brings to the table an opportunity to do something that has been never done before... a journey towards discovery of nuances never explored before.
So, to embrace, enlighten, and aware the business world about the efforts of the young generation of entrepreneurs, we at Insights Success brought stories of some young and dynamic business evangelists who are striving to make a difference in the Indian business paradigm. Through our latest edition, ‘The Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020,’ we want to shed some light on the millennial generation of corporate professionals. Do give it a read and relish the articles our in-house editors have curated just for you!

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