Entitled as India's Recycle Man, Binish Desai have finally found the solution to Converting Masks & PPE Kits Into Bricks which are eco-friendly

Right from the commencement to the growing pandemic, millions of gloves, masks and PPE kits have been issued. A young useful man came up with the concept of Converting Masks & PPE Kits Into Bricks. With loads of the used kits making their way to landfills and oceans, 27-year-old entitled "Recycle Man of India" started making use of the same.

Who is the young man?

● Acquired the title of India's "Recycle Man" in 2010, Binish Desai won it by designing bricks from industrial paper and gum waste.
● An environmentalist by profession, he has come up with a distinctive idea to dispose of COVID-19 medical wastes.
● He started on creating eco-friendly bricks with the use of used PPE kits and masks in order to decrease the growing environmental concern in India.

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In recent research and study conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board, India is generating nearly about 101 Metric Tonnes of Covid-19 medical wastes every day. The disposal of contaminated waste has been a source of huge concern for the country. Not only this, but the normal generation of biomedical waste also rose to about 609 metric tonnes per day.

As per the recycling industry latest updates, the entitled "Recycle Man of India" came up with the eccentric solution to create bricks through used PPE kits and Masks. Taking up nearly 52 percent of the used elements, 45 percent of waste paper and 3 percent of the binder led to the invention of a miracle.

The bricks are known to be waste-repellant, resistant to pests as well as a retardant to fire. Furthermore, he has also come up with the idea of "eco-bins" for collecting biomedical wastes from public places especially from hospitals and Police Stations

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