There is no denying 2009’ was the most tumultuous year in terms of financial, emotional and regrettable decisions we may have made. But as we have learned drudging through the muddy waters in our society together we have also become much wiser to make prudent decisions in 2010’ and many years to come. Our struggles to achieve our stated goals are nothing more than a prelude to success in every facet of our lives provided we never give up our individual convictions.
There has been an awakening going on within societal boundaries of the old job and corporate paradigms that have had people from all countries and all walks of life wanting to start their own business and most are looking to the internet to provide the map and compass to an online enterprise. With all the rhetoric and misinformation in the “web frenzy” of onlookers, most are asking the question, “Are there any legitimate Home based businesses” on the internet? Most realize the real power in leveraging exists on the internet from the sheer volume of people surfing every day. But most do not realize there are a few select skill sets that must be mastered in order for internet success to become a reality.
The eminent fall of old school Multi level marketing schemes or pyramidal models are mainly due to the fact they do not have any sustainable compensation plan or longevity of product lines. They got started on a trend or fad within society that had to do with a pill, potion or promise that could not sustain itself over time. One of the main pitfalls was its reliance on a down line or binary set up whereby you only get paid based upon what your down line produces. This has all been replaced by a direct sales approach with key models and coaches that have been burned and have implemented a success formula for internet wealth. There must be viable, proven products to back any modality, especially on the internet where the personal touch sometimes takes a back seat to speed of information transfer.
While the internet provides the system to locate large volumes of information it also sets the backdrop for misinformation and distrust even when it’s not warranted. Moving forward in 2010’ there must be credible, proven systems in place in a systematized home based business model to be able to position and leverage time and money on making a living online to replace your job. The old Multi level marketing models have taken a back seat to the modern day “educational roadmaps” where people can take responsibility for their own financial house by learning the skills necessary to succeed online by selling anything, anywhere, to anyone on the web regardless of product they may have. What this means is that people now have the opportunity to get rid of their work for money , trading time for dollars job and leverage the power of the internet to unlock the secrets to the online money machine.
If a proven, direct sales model has been established, there must be mentors and coaches who know the systems inside and out to train and mentor people to success with the educational forum. Coaching has always been the key to success with respect to human interaction and creating ideas in free enterprise but our old ideals of a prototypical job and corporate enslavement has kept us from what has always existed, the ability for anyone to network, collaborate and turn an idea into a viable business, especially now with a large majority of commerce being transacted on the internet.
A home business opportunity can be the ticket to get back the true American Spirit that has been robbed by our Wall Street money crooks and big cartel based manipulators. Whoever said we have to fight traffic, work a pre determined amount of hours, only get certain days off for our family and most importantly, determine how much we are worth obviously was not an entrepreneurial mind. With 2009’ in the gravesite of financial disasters, we must look to a work from home opportunity as the cornerstone of the Mega Internet Era success formula. No longer can we rely upon anyone else to control our financial destinies. There are just too many opportunities that exist within the free enterprise network to settle for that job and enslavement anymore. With a legitimate work from home opportunity, you can not only survive the coming years but make more money, have more free time and fire your boss forever!

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Scott A. Lifer

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