Intuition is your inner wisdom as well as information that can come from being able to tune in to receive information from everything around you and from the entire universe. Because of the wealth of information available to you from the entire universe, intuition can be a valuable tool as you navigate through your life and business. But in order for you to best tap into your own intuition, you’ll have to prepare to receive it fully. You can begin by doing mindful breathing which is the simplest and easiest exercise to build your intuitive muscle.

Mindful breathing enhances your intuition in 3 ways:

First, it helps you focus. When you are focused, you are more effective, both with your tasks at hand and in using your intuition. While you may be using multiple senses to receive your intuition, and your intuition impressions may come in from all directions, mindful breathing helps you to focus on one solution. For example, you could pose a question for your inner guidance to answer. To do this, just ask the question, either aloud or in your head. Then, as you focus on slowly breathing in and breathing out, all the external noise as well as the inner noise from your mind will become quiet. Once distractions are lessened, you are more attuned to your intuitive knowledge. It may be a visual cue, or a voice, or a bodily sensation, even a taste, or a flash of inner sense that will come to your aid in answering the question you posed.

Secondly, mindful breathing offers a clear channel between the physical you and the non-physical world. The majority of us is actually non-physical. Our soul, our breath, our energy and energy field, our sensations all belong to that non-physical presence. By being acutely aware of your breath, you open up to the Source - the Universe, the Divinity, the Higher Consciousness - to receive any and all information in the form of energy that will come into you and through you.

Thirdly, breathing, or the Sanskrit word of “prana,” is the life force. It cleans and heals your physical body as well as your ethereal (heavenly) body. Conscious breathing clears up your energy field so you can start anew with each mindful breath in each moment. Mindful breathing helps to maintain your attention in the present moment and allows you to let go of your own past experiences and judgments. As you tune in to the energy from the breath, you are able to see, hear and feel the intuitive information in a broader and deeper way. With such clarity, you are also able to interpret the intuitive information more accurately.

Spiritual practices like hatha yoga and meditation all place an emphasis on mindful breathing. Practicing mindful breathing is really the very first step in developing your intuition. You will notice the marked difference in your ability to tune in, to intuit, when you intentionally practice mindful breathing for a very short period of time.

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Bonny Lin is a gifted intuitive, medium, healer and spiritual coach. Her simple and effective approach to intuition have helped clients in self expression, health and wellness, intuitive spirituality. Her clients love her passion and compassion as a spiritual coach. A talented intuitive and born healer, Bonny inspires her audience to shine the brightest light by expressing their True Essence, connecting with the Universe to live the greatest life that is our true destiny. Bonny is also the Practitioner for The Reconnective Healing.