This article clearly details the
foundation that should be included
in any anti aging program.

The 7 Pillars To Longer, Healthier Life


Sleep more, age less...Sleep is not an optional
activity. It is as essential to life as water and
food and is essential for a strong immune system
Any book dedicated to the topic of aging will cite
the necessity for enough sleep, which is 7-9 hours.

There is a strong relationship between deep sleep
and the release of Growth Hormone as well. It is
during sleep that adults secrete the greatest
amount of HGH.

Studies regarding the lack of sleep range in the
ir scope, but the end result in all of these studies
is that the lack of sleep causes anything from poor
job performance to poor judgment, to obesity to...well,
you name it.

If sleep is a problem it is suggested that you:

A. Eat your largest meal of the day at lunch
B. Eat dinner earlier
C. Avoid exercise, alcohol, and smoking before bedtime
D. If you nap, do so for no more than 30 minutes
E. Make sure that your room is dark and quiet, basically
your refuge.


You cannot deny the health benefits of stress

Stress reduction can go a long way in reducing
symptoms of aging along with the onset of disease.

In a recent article by Dr. Paul E. Lemanski from
the Albany Medical College writes,

'Stress causes the release of 'fight or flight'
hormones which increase blood flow to our large
muscles, increase our heart rate, respirations and
blood pressure, and decreases blood flow to the
gastrointestinal tract including the saliva glands.

Acute mental stress can cause blood vessel constriction
in heart arteries and may alter coagulation to make
blood more able to clot.'

Techniques used to reduce stress are quite varied
and beyond the scope of this newsletter, however
a few of the more obvious ones to consider are
meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, along
with physical exercise and positive thinking, both
of which are discussed further below.


In the 1998 book called 'Successful Aging' a summary
of the MacArthur Foundation study on aging in America,
which had begin in 1987, showed that almost all healthy
seniors had been physically active throughout their life.

Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known proponent of alternative or
complementary medicine and the author of, 'Healthy Aging',
supports the idea that up until modern times, humans have
almost always been physically active, simply by surviving
off the land. Today we work off computers. Bottom line is
that we need some form of daily exercise. Any yes,
walking counts, if done briskly.


In the interest of keeping this newsletter brief, but
informative, I think I can say with confidence that
long elaboration on this pillar is not necessary.
We all know the importance of good nutrition and a balanced

However, I can cite many studies that suggest that the
Mediterranean Diet is among the healthiest in the world
with its fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and fish,
mild to moderate amounts of alcohol and low amounts of
red meat and dairy products, not to mention lots of healthy
fats like olive oil.


Like that of nutrition, lots can be said and studies
can be cited all day long as to which type of water
is best for us.

Below are the 3 main classifications of water.

A. Bottled (as classified by the FDA), which consists of:
Artesian well water
Mineral water
Spring water
Well water

B. Filtered or Purified Water that consists of:

Reverse Osmosis
Absolute 1-micron filtration

C. Distilled Water

Each type of water has their proponents, however
Distillation seems to be gaining on the rest.
One thing is for sure however. Drinking 'enough'
(and that is the keyword) water on a daily basis
is essential for proper elimination and detoxification.


Today it is becoming very hard to argue against
proper supplementation in order to maintain health.
Skeptics are falling like flies in the light
of all the convincing studies that show the
importance of proper supplementation.

It seems we always need studies to confirm what
common sense naturally tells us and studies are

Many well-respected scientists, researchers, and
medical professionals have discovered the relationship
between mineral deficiencies and a wide variety of
health conditions, which afflict the human body.

Our soils just don¹t have the minerals necessary
for optimal healthfulness, so supplementation is


In the book 'power of positive thinking' Norman
Peale writes that having faith in yourself makes
good things happen to you. This same theme has been
written about over and over, each book with a
different angle, but with the same basic, underlying

Here are few tips:

Try to reduce or eliminate any anger or hostility
from you life.

If you catch yourself with a negative thought,
immediately and purposefully switch your thought
to a positive thought. Over time this will become
a habit and you will see some dramatic changes.

There are of course other pillars to support a long
and healthy life, but these are what I consider
the most fundamental.

I hope you found this information of great value
and please feel free to send me your comments.

All the best.

Authored by
Carl Gorman
GHR Products,Inc.