Successful people have successful affirmations running through their heads all day. Follow these steps to create affirmations to lead you to your access.

1. Know the Goal
Tune your focus into where you want to be, not where you are. You reap what you sow, so if you are planting thoughts of failure, fear, or any situation/frame of mind you would like to rid yourself of, what you’re going to reap is exactly what you’re trying to get rid of!

2. Make it ‘Here and Now’
Make sure that all you affirm is in the present tense. Use words like “I’m so grateful that I’m driving my dream car.” If you use words like “I want my business to succeed” or “I wish I was wealthy” guess what you are affirming? The state of WANTING and WISHING, the place you are in before your goal is met! That will get you more of the same, more wanting and no receiving.

3. Always be on the Bright Side
ALWAYS use positive language in your affirmations. There is an enormous difference between an affirmation like “I am no longer fearful” and “I am filled with courage.” It is important to stay far away from negative language, because no matter how you frame it, you are still having negative thoughts, which attract negative things.

4. Make it your way
There are tons of ways to word the same thing. There is one way to word it that’s just right for you. Similar to Goldilocks looking for just the right porridge, you must formulate the affirmation that’s just right for you. Try tons of different ways of saying the same thing until it feels like you’ve found the affirmation that fits you best.

5. Get it From Every Angle
Think, see, and feel the reality of what you are affirming. Imagine yourself in your new house if that’s what you want. Imagine how it would smell, picture your pictures over the fire place, feel the countertops in the kitchen on your fingertips. The more we rehearse, the more prepared we are to make the right choices that carry us to the goal.

6. Have a Little Faith
Life energy, which is operating your bodily cells, tissues, organs, and systems, at any moment, has within it the power of healing. It heals our cuts, bruises, colds, and other ailments without our efforts. Put your trust in this. There is evidence that the more we trust it, the better it works. Affirmations are only effective when you combine them with your faith and belief. Doubt and insecurity undermine new positive thought.

7. And Repeat
Practice Practice Practice! No practice, no progress. Chances are you have negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs so deeply embedded because they have been around for a long time in your subconscious mind. When the brain cells are loaded up with thought habits that have to do with disease and limitation, it takes time to form new thought circuits with health and possibility. And don’t stop until you get there, the paths to some goals are longer than others, but if you stop moving in the right direction, you never get there.

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