Here's a moment of insight, while it's actually happening, into the life of an author. I am reading my Spanish translation of The NEW Think and Grow Rich. They call it El Nuevo Piense y Hágase Rico. And I come across this line, "La acumulación de dinero no puede dejarlo al azar, a la buena fortuna, a la suerte."

Now, I'm not going to assume, since you're in a primarily English audience at this moment, that you don’t fully understood that. Let me tell you exactly what it says in English:

"The accumulation of riches cannot be left to chance, to good fortune, and to luck."

Chance, good fortune, and luck.

Are you kidding me? No kidding, the moment you realize and step aside from the idea that you'll ever get rich by winning the lottery the moment you realize that it's something you have to build, that's the moment you've stepped onto the path of humanity.

No man, no woman, can change the destiny that the Gods have allotted us. We are born; our natal period is so effervescent. We grow through youth into adulthood, into humanhood, into womanhood. We grow into old age, we decline, and-we terminate.

That is, as the Babylonians say, if the Gods don't call us untimely to our grave. There is an allotted equation. The sooner you realize it, the sooner you recognize and move on the fact that you need to prepare for the inevitable. You're a new creation, but that that is continues through the ages.

And in that respect, you cannot and will not be any different from any of the other individuals who have passed this way on Earth.

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