When I read books like "The Science Of Getting Rich" and several others, the authors discuss the scientific aspects of how the universe works. They talk about the law of attraction, frequencies, vibrations and how the basic building blocks of the universe are put together and stay together. When I read these treaties, I agree with what is said, but I always try to find a way to see how it works in real life. I think we all know there are radio frequencies, magnetism and unseen attractions, and vibrations. These are unseen, but we know they are there. We can understand the power of thought, at least I can understand what they are saying. It is not always that easy to apply that knowledge to my own thoughts.

Recently, I ran across an example of the law of attraction, vibrations and frequencies that made me understand how nature works. It also provided a basis for understanding how thoughts work to attract other thoughts. I read a very simple explanation of an acorn. I am going to relate it here in hopes it will help you understand also.

I was born and raised on a farm, but I had never really thought about this although I saw it happen everyday. When you plant an acorn and you burry it at the proper depth, it will make an oak tree if certain conditions are met. All the instructions necessary to make a mighty oak tree is inside that acorn. If it gets the proper temperature and moisture it is activated. Here is what I hadn't really thought about. All the nutrients necessary to make an oak tree are not in the soil next to the acorn. The acorn has to set up a vibration on a certain frequency to attract the nutrients it needs to make an oak tree. Of course, the transportation medium is water and it can actually move what it needs through the soil with only minimal moisture. As it attracts the necessary elements, it begins to swell and sends out roots to meet the incoming nutrients and it also has a blue print that tells it to send up shoots into the air. When the shoots break the surface of the earth it sets up a different vibration and attracts only the things it needs from the air to make the oak tree. The process that started with a few cells inside the acorn multiplies millions of times and a might oak tree is created.

This helped me understand how visualization works. Our minds are much like the acorn. It has the power to generate those unseen vibrations that attract other thoughts and it becomes attracted to ideas that will move us toward whatever we are focusing on. At first we might start noticing and reading articles, then we might start seeing people we need to know to get where we want to go. Then we somehow become more attractive to the people we need and coincidences start happening. It starts to grow just like the oak tree. Walt Disney started with an idea and ended up with Epcot Center. Your dreams may never get that big,  but the his dream most likely didn't start that big either.

I found a book that gives a lot of good information on vibrations, attractions. It is Ask and It's Given by Abraham Hicks. You can get this book on amazon. My daughter first got me this book in audio format and I liked it so much I bought the hard copy. Check it out.

Ross Craft

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