I have read and heard so many times that that there is so much power in the spoken word and our feelings.

I am reminded of a story I heard many years about a little old lady who had contracted cancer. When the doctor told her the news she simply looked out the window and stared into the distance with a dreamy look and grin on her face. He stood quietly a few moments, letting her assimilate the sad news he had just been obligated to reveal to her. Finally, the nurse gently pat her on the knee and said, "Did you hear what the doctor just told you?"

The old lady reached for the nurse's hand and softly said, "Oh, I heard the good doctor alright." Then with a big grin on her face, she squeezed the nurse's hand gently and said, "honey, my primary doctor lives on a higher plane. He is none other than my precious Jesus. And you know what? He is going to heal me of this little intruder that has invaded my body. That I know as sure as I know that the sun rises in the east and sets at the west."

The nurse looked at her puzzled. "Oh, you wait and see," the lady told her. "Give me a year and when I come back, you will see how powerful faith and prayer are."

The next day the lady's daughter picked her mother up and took her home. She wasted no time getting back to her life; her very favorite event was attending church on Sundays. When it came time for personal testimonies, the little old lady would stand up and give thanks for everything she had. Then she would say "praise the lord" I am healed. Thank you Jesus. I am feeling stronger and better everyday and I am healed." The congregation humored her, and a few even hoped and encouraged her to keep her prayers going and her faith strong. But most of the people thought that she was being a little too hopeful and letting wishful thinking cloud the day to day reality of what was really going on with her.

I find the phrase "day to day reality of what was really going on with her" to be very interesting. When we think about it what is really the day to day reality of what is going on with all of us? If we simply perceive, judge and define reality by outer appearances we miss out on so much. This is because things are seldom as they appear and the little old lady in this story knew this profound truth. She also knew about the power of positive thinking, faith, and hope.

She knew about the magic and power of expectancy and joyful anticipation. She believed in the spiritual realm and the powers in operation. In her particular case she was a protestant Christian. But she could have very well been a Hindu, a Jew, Buddhist, Taoist, Mormon, etc. What is important is that she believed that healing is possible and she gave gratitude for it daily, knowing that it was done. Few of us have such faith. To conclude the story the little old lady went to church, not missing a single Sunday. She would always stand up and give her same testimony. Sure enough, exactly one year later she returned to the hospital for some testing. There was not a trace of cancer in her body. She was completely healed. The doctors and the congregation at her church were astonished.

Every time I think of that story it fills my heart with joy. Then I look around or watch the news and see all of the disease, pain and suffering in the world and it makes my heart weep. This story illustrates the power of the spoken word and feelings; in this case namely the power of positive feelings. I have read and heard of many other stories where healings and other magical and miraculous events have taken place.

Unfortunately, the power of feelings are also in operation on the other end of the scale so to speak. If we constantly feel and dwell upon negative events and circumstances, these negative feelings will bring them right to our very front door if I may be a little dramatic to illustrate my point. When such occurrences take place we may think that the fates, destiny or God has punished us. We may feel pity and fall into the victim mode. But if we look inside and start to examine our frame of thinking and explore our feelings, we will see that we have attracted everything to us for whatever reasons our soul needs to experience this on whatever levels.

To illustrate the power of negative feelings I will share a couple of other short stories. I have a dear friend who I visited for Thanksgiving a few days ago. He lost a dear friend back in May and to this day, several months later, he is still very depressed. He says he just does not want to go on living and prays to God every night to not let him wake up the next morning. He takes valium, sleeping and pain pills to numb his pain. I try to comfort him. I tell him that it is natural to grieve and to miss loved ones when they die. I try to get him to express his feelings and point out that suicide is not the answer. I think he realizes that but I can see in his eyes that he is a broken man. His love for life is gone. He is a man who is defeated."

The subconscious mind is amazing. It knows so much more than the conscious mind could ever know. It knows our every thought and records them along with our every feeling and reaction and response to everything around us. It can even create an exterior situation to mirror what we are thinking and feeling and it can create a literal situation out of a symbolic one. For example, the day after Thanksgiving my friend and I decided to go to Richmond, Indiana to the cinema to watch the new Stephanie Meyer vampire movie, New Moon. My friend closed the door then turned and checked the mailbox. As he turned around he lost his balance and fell off the concrete porch landing on his left knee and then twisting his ankle. He rested a few minutes then said that he was okay. We went to the movies. After we got back he checked his knee and it was scraped. His ankle was swollen. I suggested he put an ice pack on it.

The next morning he said it was more swollen and he was in a lot of pain. I told him that he needed to have it checked and I would be glad to drive him to the doctor. He said he wanted to wait another day. He would soak it in warm salt water that night and see if it was any better the next morning. I drove home but something kept nagging at me. I called and he said that his ankle was much worse and he'd like to go to the doctor.

This is a sad story which illustrates how long-term negative thinking and feelings can create castastrophies for us. My dear friend has fallen out of step with life for a long time. Like I said he is a broken man and I so pray and hope that his ankle is not broken. He feels 'defeated' and this could possibly even partly explain hurting his 'feet' and ankle. Defeat (de feet) can bring us down or make us fall. The feet are also symbolic of stepping ahead and moving forward in life, which is something he has no desire to do. The subconscious will often intervene to try and shake us out of such negative thinking and behaving. I point this out because I have some experience with how the subconscious mind can take us literally on what we put out, or it can work with symbols.

For example, a few years ago I had some friends who were having a community center built. They were frustrated because things were moving slower than they wanted. One day they expressed their frustrations by saying "we wish the building would be done and finished once and for all." It burned down a week later. People have been known to say things like he or she is a pain in the derriere or neck and find they soon experience pain in those areas of the body. I would never say anything like "I would give my right arm for such and such, and heaven forbid I would give my very soul for someone's love to quote a line from a song I heard many years ago.

A dream I had a few years ago gave me more insight on this topic. In the dream I was running on a track in a race. People were rooting for me and shouting from the bleachers. I was panting and sweating and their rooting motivated me to run harder and give the race my all. When I woke up I was breathing hard and I heard the phrase "You have to get back on track." Oh, I get it," I said. This dream is symbolic. I am supposed to get my life back on track. Lord knows I need to."

I meditated and asked my guides if I was interrupting this dream correctly. I heard a big no. "What does it mean then?" I questioned. "This is a literal dream, not a symbolic one. You are to get back on the track, meaning start your jogging again." That was so obvious but we have to learn to discern between our symbolic and our literal dreams. The dream was showing me something very important. I had a lot going on during that time and getting back to my jogging was very helpful in helping reduce stress. As a result of such experiences I am not so quick to assume anything and I try to be very careful about the words I speak.

I am not saying that every personal accident and calamity can be accounted by negative thinking and feelings. I believe that we come to the earth to experience many lifetimes and we will choose both positive and negative experiences as a part of our soul's evolution and growth. Karmic retribution is not always involved. But sometimes it is. Other times we simply choose to experience the negative polarity of the human experience so we can better understand and appreciate the positive one. One thing I have learned is that we can improve our lot in life if we learn to tune in, be aware and choose to create positive, loving feelings. This may not get rid of all the 'negativity' in our lives, but it can greatly reduce it. Depressing, dreary, angry, feelings and thoughts make us prone to all kinds of negative situations and even accidents.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of carefully choosing the words we speak. It is something for us all to constantly work on. Sometimes we goof up and fall into saying negative things since none of us are saints or perfect. The fact that we have heard so many negative truisms and adages all of our life does not help. I knew this man who would constantly say "Life's a b....h, (rhymes with witch) and then you die. He swore he did not want to live past fifty because he felt that was very old. He died on May 9, of this past year, 2009 at the age of 53.

To my embarrassment I have a confession. A few days ago when something happened I quoted the first part "life is a b...h, but unlike the man, I caught myself in mid-sentence and ended it with 'and sometimes life is full of goodies.' I was shocked I said that and surprised that I even said it and I cannot recall what caused me to speak such words that I am constantly advising people against. What grabbed me was the powerful emotional impact saying those few words caused. It was though I had been punched in the solar plexus by a big fist. I could feel my energy shift and constrict. It was like a big glob of mucky darkness overtook me. In a frenzy I spoke the words "cancel" several times. Slowly I began to feel the heaviness dissipating. I wondered how many people speak such negative phrases everyday without even giving it a second thought. Is it no wonder such people constantly experience negative things in their lives?

May we all remember the amazing magical power of our words and feelings and strive hard to speak and feel as positive as we can.

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