Create a Positive Ripple Effect

Every thought or belief you hold, contributes to the collective consciousness. We often hear, “What difference can I, just one person, make in this world?” If you let go of the belief that we’re all separate from each other, and understand that we are truly all connected, you come to realize that when you shift your belief system from the reactive and primal unconscious system, and choose to consciously create positive energy vibrations, you create a ripple effect. Just as crime epidemics are spread through negative consciousness, acts of generosity and kindness spread as well.

Our habitual thoughts create belief systems. If you operate in an unconscious state, you aren’t creating with intention. Your life is created by default. What you focus on, you experience. If your belief system is one of helpless, hopeless, empathy, fear, whatever it might be, you experience situations that allow you to remain helpless, hopeless, empathetic, fearful. Your personal beliefs and vibrations also contribute to the collective experience and impact others.

For example, when you go to work, if you complain about your job, your salary, company politics, your beliefs and emotions are spread to others. Pretty soon, your co-workers are complaining about the same things. Your message is being spread by your faithful followers.

Remember that your attitude is contagious, and your habitual thoughts create experiences that keep you in your current state of emotion.

Focus on Feeling Gratitude

The most effective way that you can feel good, and raise the vibrations you’re sending out into the Universe is to think of something you feel grateful for. You might have 10 things that don’t go right, but if you focus on that 1 thing that does go right, the other 10 things will have to improve or disappear. That’s the way the law of attraction works. It cannot function in a vibration with something that doesn’t match – you can’t be grateful for something and unhappy with that thing at the same time.

By raising your energy vibration, you change not only your life, but the world around you.

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Dr. Robert Anthony, the acknowledged inspiration behind “the Secret,” best selling author, and personal performance trainer has authored a special report called “The Disease of Self-Improvement.” Find out how the concept of Self-Improvement is really just a virus of the mind, and limits your ability to create the life of your dreams.