We exist in a Field of Energy labeled with various names like Consciousness, the Force or Source, God, the Matrix, Oneness, All-That-Is, etc. This is the place called Heaven in the Bible, the place were we dream, the place Souls go when they die. Everything comes from this place. Here in this ‘field’ lie unlimited possibilities we can choose to experience moment-by-moment. And choose we do ? most of the time not even realizing we’ve made a choice.

We’ve been reminded over the last few years that we indeed create our reality. The questions that need answering are: how we go about creating reality unconsciously and more importantly, how we can begin to consciously create what we desire. Before I go into depth concerning reality creation, let’s take a look another look at the Field, or a term I like that best describes it: All-That-Is.

If we wrap our minds around the terminology, All-That-Is, we understand we’re describing everything and… nothing. All-Possibility, any idea, any thought, any possible future ? any anything ? already exists in the All-That-Is. It has to! The Field is all that is and all that will be… and… all that isn’t. Quantum Science tells us it’s our ‘observation’ that makes some thing ‘physically real’ from the All-Possibility of the All-That-Is. Another way to say this is it’s our focus, or what we give our attention to, that draws a matching vibrational energy into our experience.

Looking and expecting to see something is the very act that creates it. The quality of our beliefs while we are looking determines what we create. If we view ourselves, others and the world through a belief system of anger, fear, envy, the Universe will mirror these feelings back in our reality. Believing is seeing and not the other way around.

Simply by definition, All-That-Is means every desire; want or wish has already been fulfilled. We have already received the answer to our prayers. All the wishes are granted, all the wants and desires already waiting in the ‘wings’ ? they already exist. Every possible future we could ever imagine is birthed and we merely have to choose which one we want to experience. So conscious creation is really about choosing which reality we want to experience.

Ah, but there’s the trick: how to choose! And… how do we not choose the bad stuff? How do we deliberately choose among the infinite possibilities that lie before us? How do we ‘communicate’ with the Infinite One ? the All-That-Is ? that we’re ready to receive what we desire from the Universe? As with anything or anyone we wish to communicate with, we need to speak its language. We need to speak the language of God.

Interestingly, desire, wants, needs, wishes ? the things we want to create ? are usually born from the things we don’t want. And, there’s a key here; what we don’t want usually feels bad. The language of God is not a language of words; it’s a language of feelings. We communicate with the Field of Energy with our feelings.

Yes, we’ve been taught our thoughts create things, and we should think and grow rich or think and say positive affirmations to get what we want in life. But, that’s only part of the recipe. Ultimately it’s how we feel that brings us our desires.

Lastly, emotions are a crucial ingredient in the manifestation formula. Emotions and feelings are very similar, however, emotion can be thought of as the energy behind our thoughts and feelings. It’s what drives us. Emotions are the foundation our creations are built upon. Although we understand joy, bliss, happiness, appreciation, compassion, or hate, envy, jealousy and anger to be emotions (that we feel), any emotion we have will fall under one of two categories: Love or fear.

So our recipe for conscious creation is thought + emotion + feelings. If these three ingredients are misaligned, the choice we make from all the possible futures ? from all the possibilities in the All-That-Is ? become haphazard and most likely will create a reality where some of our desires are manifested, while most are never realized.

It is essential that we have extreme clarity to choose what we want and this requires our energies to be aligned with our desires. Again, the ingredients we use for conscious creation are thought, emotion, and feeling and unless all three are in alignment, a scattering of energies occurs and little (if any) manifestation of our desires takes place.

For example, if our thought is, “I want financial freedom,” a pattern of energy is sent forth that expresses that thought. However, any emotion or feeling that does not resonate with that thought is incapable of supporting our desire. Typically a thought about not having enough money comes from the emotion of fear. The feeling we get is panic, worry, and stress. So, we send this powerful energy out to the Universe: “I desire financial freedom!” So far, so good, but the emotion behind the thought is fear and consequently, the feeling we communicate to the All-That-Is brings us more panic, worry, and stress.

The key to choosing one possible future among the many possible outcomes is our ability to feel as if our choice has already happened. Using our example from above ? we ARE financially free and we need to feel what financial freedom feels like. We need to experience it with our five senses. See it, touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it… BE it! Here is where the imagination becomes our greatest tool. Find that quality of thought and emotion that produces the feeling of financial freedom, an ideal relationship, perfect health, or whatever you desire, and our world mirrors the feeling.

Now we are communicating with the Field! It responds to the vibration of our feelings. We’ve all heard that what we resist persists and worrying about something almost guarantees you’ll experience what you’re worried about. Now you know why. We’re choosing possible outcomes with our head by worrying, doubting, analyzing, brooding, and stressing about how things seem to be. Here is where we place our focus (on what we don’t want) and unconsciously choose the same reality again and again.

In the Secret movie we’re told there are three steps to attract what you want: ask, believe, and receive. These steps go hand-in-hand with the Conscious Creation formula: thought + emotion + feeling. The real secret then, is asking from our hearts instead of our heads by ‘feeling’ as if our desires have already arrived. There is no other way to communicate with the All-That-Is than by feelings. And, by feeling like we have already been granted our wish, we can expect consistent results.

You see, we exist in a dimension of duality: up/down, good/bad, right/wrong, etc. The human mind works with polarity and creates a strong feeling of what should be and what should not be. The mind is the judge and jury. Physics tells us when we create something positive; its polar opposite must be created as well. Using our logical, judgmental mind may appear to temporarily bring us what we desire but it soon fades as the opposite polarity is summoned to us as well. Our hearts, on the other hand, have no polarity. There is no left and right heart; it is one and it speaks with feelings.

Why not try the Conscious Creation recipe right now. Think of something you’d like to experience in your life. It can be anything you desire (remember it already exists in the All-That-Is). Maybe you’re thinking of financial freedom, or your ideal mate. Maybe it’s perfect health or a better job. Whatever you’re thinking about, rather than asking for it to come into your life, FEEL as though it has already happened. Feel it with all your senses with as much detail as possible.

Now, feel appreciation for what your life is like with your wish already granted. Notice how it feels… easy, stress-free, comfortable… We’re connected to the Field now.

Creating with our heads has our minds feeling hopeful, or yearning, and even feeling a desperation that comes with the mental gymnastics of wondering if anything will ever change. Creating with our heart means choosing the outcome we desire and easily stepping into it.

Which way feels better to you?

© 2009 Thomas Michael Murasso All rights reserved.

Author's Bio: 

Tom Murasso is self-empowerment author, trainer, and life coach. He started his journey of self-discovery over 40 years ago as he searched for the answers to the questions: who we are and why we're here. His path led to the study of metaphysics, the esoteric arts, and the coveted secrets of the ancient mystery schools.

The author of several books on the Art of Conscious Creation, Tom feels there is an accelerated energy engulfing the planet and seeks to help people reclaim their power and raise their conscious awareness to create loving, stable relationships and live the lives of their dreams.

Tom is the author of: “The Manuscript - Awakening into Oneness,” “Born to Manifest - Law of Attraction Tools & Techniques,” and “Joy, Bliss, Happiness, and LOVE!” He can be contacted through his website: www.TomMurasso.com

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