Do you like the movies? Who doesn’t…because we can relate to them.

In today's video segment you will learn how to give a compelling and more accurate verbal analysis by using the technique of painting pictures with metaphors when you analyze someone’s handwriting!

It’s a great way to get your audience to visualize the trait in their own mind, triggering a memory or feeling that they can readily relate too. This will guarantee you greater success in getting a positive response confirming your analysis is correct!

While performing a verbal analysis, it is important to create a picture for the person so that they do not create one of their own and misinterpret your analysis.

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Bart Baggett is one of America's top Handwriting Experts and self-help author. He is also a popular TV Host, Interviewer, and youtube video producer. He has students worldwide and campuses teaching from his books in Taiwan, India, and the USA. He has a widely read internet based newsletter and hosts sold-out seminars worldwide. He is president of Handwriting , an online community for certification training in handwriting analysis.