The Attitude of Gratitude!

The ability to learn to consciously to manifest is one of the exciting things about being here on this earth plane.

This planet is a perfect place to refine our innate ability to be a creator.

One of the best ways to create a nice positive energy field around you is being in a state of gratitude for the things you do have, or the things you do enjoy right now.

When we can get into a place of thanks that reflects the emotional experiences we want to have or do have. It helps us to create more of the same.

For instance one of the main questions people ask me is when will I meet some one to have a long term quality relationship with.

A good way to use the laws of manifestation would be to start meditating and sending streams of thankfulness to the universe about the wonderful people you do have in your life.

As the Universe gets your signal, it begins to send more interesting and nice people your way.

Then you have to learn to perfect your out put until you start to get confirmation that you are being heard.

Daydreaming can be good for your plan. It is a perfect way to exercise your imagination
The Universe is finicky about how it receives your desires.
If it doesn't get the right combination you don't get your desired result. Just like when you go to make a withdrawal from a money machine. You can put in the right numbers, but if you don't put them in the right order you won't get to with draw any cash.

Clarity is the key, along with the emotional stream sent with it.

When you are meditating on what you would like to bring in, don't acknowledge your lack of it. Because if you do, the Universe thinks you want more of that.(Lack)

Here is where we step into the Paradox. We can get a lot of what we want, if we can convince the Universe that we are ready have it but being Thankful for it. This is the whole reason we choose this plane to live on right now. So we can learn to operate in a paradox.
So if you want a new spouse, meditate and send out to the Universe the idea that you are really tickled with the super kind and wonderful wife/husband that you have.(Pretend)

If you want a healthy body, send out a Thank you for vibrant well being. Some times when we are not healthy we have to really stretch to remember when we were healthy to get the visual in our minds. Or if we can't remember we have to pretend we know what it feels like.

If you want abundance imagine what it feels like, maybe use something in your life that is abundant to get you to that place. If you don't feel you have enough money, but you are rich with friends. Let that abundant feeling slide over to the dollar area.
It takes some practice, and is really worth the effort.

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to put this into motion. On Nov 26 make it your business to go over in your mind the things that you are grateful for.

This helps you to create more.

I am grateful this year for the clean air I breath out on the ranch, the brilliant night skies with amazing stars. The shiny full moons, the warm sunny days, the goofy dogs that hunt all day long, the wonderful banana smoothies, my chiropractor, my amazing friends, my healthy body, a wonderful family, my sweet husband, and on and on...

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