Arthritis is one of the most prevalent diseases afflicting millions of men and women in the United States alone. There are over 100 classifications of this joint disease and it generally affects more women than men. Children can develop arthritis, too as in the case of juvenile arthritis. With all the classifications of arthritis which come with different causes and manifestations of their symptoms, there is varied arthritis treatment entailed. Several causative factors are thought of to be behind arthritis. Some arthritis can be instigated by an autoimmune disease wherein the body’s immune system turns against itself. Arthritis can also be a manifestation of a genetic defect or it can be viral in nature, caused by an infection as in the case of psoriatic arthritis or septic arthritis.

The condition can also be attributed to environmental factors such as extreme cold weather and exposure to bugs. As arthritis affects different joint locations in the body, it requires various arthritis treatment measures. Arthritis treatment for the condition indicated in the spine is not the same as arthritis treatment addressing inflammation and pain in the big toe or gout. Pain in the joints is the most common symptom of arthritis and it can differ in intensity. As arthritis can occur periodically, some arthritis treatment can be symptomatic as in psoriatic arthritis or it may require regular arthritis treatment measures as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis treatment is usually implemented to address its most noticeable symptom which is aching and painful joints. This discomfort is brought about by insufficient fluids in the joints causing friction within the bones. The pain that goes with arthritis can become unbearable especially when calcium collects in the joints. The foremost means to do away with arthritis is through prevention. Adhering to a healthy diet which promotes joint lubrication is one of the best arthritis treatment and preventive measures. Sufficient amounts of calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C as well as iron in the body through food intake or health supplementation can also be one of the most effective arthritis treatment modalities.

Iron in the diet and through supplements keep the bone marrow healthy whereas Omega 3 found in fish can also be an arthritis treatment as this nutrient aids in lubricating the joints. As for women who are more prone to be afflicted with the disease, they have to make sure that their diet is abundant in calcium. Arthritis treatment measures also include adopting a good lifestyle of avoiding coffee, tea and alcohol as they are capable of aggravating existing inflammation. Exercises that relate to arthritis treatment must focus on the joints such as in the wrists and the elbows, the knee and the ankles.

The same can be said with a daily brisk walking regimen in the morning being a treatment measure. Arthritis treatment also entails sufficient body hydration and this can be done by taking a total of 8 glasses of water everyday. Another good tip for dealing with arthritis is to slowly sip two glasses of water in the morning as this is helpful for the circulation and in alleviating pain. Preparing crushed mustard and applying them in a warm hip bath is also a recommended arthritis treatment modality as well as massage therapy which can be effective in easing the pain and discomfort of arthritis.

With arthritis capable of afflicting anybody with its possibly distressing symptoms, it is essential that an individual be aware of arthritis treatment measures to address the condition.

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