The biggest Avatar® course to date is starting on Saturday July 4th, the date of the United States’ Independence Day.

Hundreds of people will fly from all over the world–from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, from Holland, Germany, Brazil–and many, many other countries, speaking many different languages, and from as many different backgrounds.

In the environment that is going to be created here, an elementary school teacher from Korea will communicate easily with a steelworker from Holland, a doctor from Brazil, and a fisherman from Taiwan.

Although translation will be provided, there are many points along the course where we learn to connect without words. There is a beingness that lies underneath words, and as we remember how to operate from there, they are not always needed.

The excitement of the course will be like nothing else–electric; alive; full of possibility!

People will settle in at their tables, and get to know their neighbors–some may be from their hometowns, and some may be from across the world.

A gentleness and camaraderie develops as ReSurfacing®–the first part of the course–unfolds, and people begin to feel an often unfamiliar level of acceptance, openness, and permission to explore different viewpoints, different angles on life, leading to deeper and deeper insights.

The first morning begins to crackle with possibility, as people discover–for themselves, at their own pace, in their own way, untapped powers, new possibilities, hidden within the old.

Throughout these first two days of the course, we get to know each other, and we get to know ourselves in new ways too.

As the discoveries unfold, the buzz of energy, life, and excitement will be tangible as people go about the playful work of taking back their lives–uncovering lost beliefs that have kept them locked in old, unconscious patterns, or refused to let them see options that were right there all the time.

And at the end of the weekend, more people than ever before in once place, will explore their goals, from this newfound sense of freedom and new possibility. This will lay the groundwork for the phenomenal experiences to be had on Section II, starting on Monday.

(In case you hadn’t guessed it, this is a fun course! Connect with an Avatar Master if you’d like to consider being there.)

Author's Bio: 

Chris Burbridge has been a licensed Avatar® Master since 2004. He delivers courses all over the United States, and loves to help people awaken to their true potential.

If you would like to know more about how to contact your true power through Avatar, feel free to contact him!