Every cause or mission is unique. It is in its unique character that its strength is found. However, every great idea must be supported and built up to its ultimate potential. This process requires a team. A team will support you by bringing new ideas, resources and techniques to you and enable you to make a larger impact by multiplying your voice. Building a team that is willing to go the distance with you can be challenging. This is where your commitment to your dream drives you to persevere through the ups and downs of team building. For you, failure is not an option and your success has already been achieved. If you do not already possess this mindset it will be very difficult to build the right team.

The strength of your group is dependent upon the strength of its leader and of its collective vision. Each team member must be personally invested in the success or achievement of the goals set forth in the team itself. Their personal investment means that they have been able to contribute a thought or an opinion of their own into the larger vision. Its acceptance into the larger vision means that the achievement of it is now the mission of multiple people. When each team member does this they “add to the pot” so to speak. This process not only makes the vision more powerful and more dynamic, but each individual has a personal stake in its success. They have now become invested. It is this investment and commitment that will drive the team.

A team, much like a dream is built bit by bit. It is the careful assemblance of the structure that will ensure its strength and longevity. Build a structure from which the realization of your dreams can emerge. A team will build the structure and foundation for your vision. Build a strong team and watch the manifestation of your dreams begin.

Author's Bio: 

Lyndsey Shaffer is the co- founder of the Onyx Six - Women of Color Business Network. Onyx Six is a business development network committed to creating a supportive and influential community of minority women entrepreneurs and professionals. Contact Lyndsey Shaffer by visiting http://www.lyndseyshaffer.com.