Chakra is a Sanskrit word which literally means, “the turning of the wheel of the Law”. (Refer The Chakras CW Leadbetter). The law is to do with the Laws of Nature as referred to within the Divine Plan (Theosophical Studies - HP Blavatsky). However, for this short article, we will concern ourselves mainly with the meaning of the chakras in relation to the Etheric Double of man. These chakras are wheel-like vortices which exist in the surface of the etheric double. The etheric double is more fully explained in previous articles, but it is the aura that some people can see as a grey-like shell around a person's body. It is often seen when a person is practicing their clairvoyant skills and attempting to develop their psychic faculties through specific classes and workshops.

This invisible part of the human is vitally important as it is where the prana (sanskrit word for life force) flows through and the etheric double is the part of our energy-body that allows these streams of vitality to reach us from the invisible worlds. These streams of energy keep the body alive and give us the vitality and exuberance that are part of our life-force. It is the lack of this life-force that distinguishes a dead body from a live one. Also, the etheric double is the bridge which conveys the many thoughts and feelings from the astral world to our visible and more dense physical body within this Physical Plane of Existence. If we did not have it, these thought forms and sensations would not reach our consciousness and there would be very little to stimulate the brain. We would, most likely, just sit around in a quite lethargic state.

That is the general overview of the workings of the energies of the inner world on our aura - the chakras are just a bit more detailed in their use of this energy. Just as a general practitioner may have a general overview of the physical body, the specialist is the one that deals with specific areas. In relation to our energy body, the aura is the general practitioner, the chakras are the ?specialists' and each chakra has very relevant and specific tasks.

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