My name is Dean Cortez and in “Mack Tactics,” my well-liked dating strategy manual for men, I stress that being original is the single most essential quality that you can convey to a female -- from the way you dress, to the way in which you approach the girls start conversations with them.

Learning how to meet girls and build sexual chemistry really begins there.

However, when you are not able to make an original impression, she’s going to inevitably lump you in with the last 43 chumps who tried to buy her a drink -- and within three minutes of you shelling out cash for her $12 cocktail, she’ll be telling you she needs to “go find her friend.”

(Don't you get annoyed when women say that? Yeah right, like her friend Mindy is lost somewhere in the bar, in desperate need of water and food...)

These frustrating encounters leave guys wondering how to get girls to even give them a chance!

The key to creating a connection with her is to engage her attention and get her to share information about herself. Then you’ll tell her how much you relate to what she is talking about, and establish rapport with her.

Certainly, one of my favorite conversational strategies for making this happen is using what are called "Cold Reads".

This method, which is used to huge effect by psychics and palm readers, makes it seem like you have psychic powers and are "reading" the other person. .

The trick with Cold Reads is that these observations you are making are applicable to virtually anyone. Yet there are psychological reasons why they are so effective, particularly with women}.

The first reason is that people are self-centered, and we generally believe claims about ourselves that reflect how we wish to be.

Also, people are vain. We want to be seen as unique. Although Cold Reads are really just vague generalizations -- which would apply to your Uncle John, just as they would to the cute girl you start talking to at the bar -- as people, we want to agree with the person who skillfully “reads” us, and we’ll believe they have unusual powers of perception.

The bottom line, really, is that you need to forget about asking the generic “job interview” questions. (“So what’s your name,” “where are you from,” etc.) If I’m in a club, talking to some babe who’s acting a bit hard to get, I’ll bust out a Cold Read:

“Y’know, Lisa, I get the sense that a lot of guys get the wrong impression when they first meet you. They think you’re stand-offish and a bit cold. But you’re truly a lot more sensitive, and funny, than people realize.”

Here's another Cold Read example: “I get the sense it takes you a while to have faith in people, because you’ve been hurt before by someone who you really trusted. But the people that do earn your trust, you would do anything for them.”

Another Cold Read could be, "I can tell that you’re someone who usually plays it cautious and doesn’t take risks, but sometimes you’ve regretted it because you missed out an opportunity. But then other times, you’re spontaneous and adventurous, and you do take chances...and that’s when you’ve had some of the greatest times of your life.”

If she agrees with one of my “reads” -- and truthfully, I’ve never had a woman flat-out disagree -- I’ll follow up by telling her that I can totally relate, because I’m the same way.

This builds a bond between me and her. In order to strengthen the bond, I’ll tell a short story -- one that shows how I’m the same type of person.

(If you’ve got several Cold Reads ready to use, you should also have some brief stories to illustrate how you embody those same qualities.)

A similar approach is using “Barnum statements,” named after the circus showman P.T. Barnum. These statements apply to just about anybody, but give her the sense that you’re tapping into her inner psyche.

My favorite is, "I can tell something has been weighing on your mind. You're on the verge of making an important decision in your life, aren’t you."

Pretty much all of us, at any given time,are contemplating a big decision (or one that is considerable to us, at least). Nonetheless, she’ll be surprised and impressed that you "knew" that about her.

The girl will then most likely give you more information -- and now you’re engaged in a deep, authentic conversation instead of trying to fill awkward pauses.

A great deal of what a cold reader does is simply repeat back what the subject has said, as if the cold reader already knew the answer. If the girl you're talking to affirms that she’s on the verge of making a big decision, nod shrewdly and say, "Yes, that's right, and you’re really having a hard time with it." Claim her answer as your own.

Some other Cold Reads that are indistinct yet “profound”:

“You have a deep desire for others to like and admire you, but you also have a tendency to be critical of yourself.”

“You’ve got a hidden talent, or a passion, that most people don’t know about, and you want to do more with it- but something is holding you back.”

“At times, you’re very social and extroverted. But other times, you’re reserved and withdrawn.”

Since you now understand how Cold Reads work, you can formulate your own. Based on her energy, what she's wearing, and how she acts during the first few minutes of the conversation, you should be able to employ a “read” that applies to her.

The Cold Read is simply one example of an original, interesting conversational approach that makes it simple to figure out how to get girls to chat with you. To master the total arsenal, and how to use them with expert accuracy in any location, visit the Mack Tactics website, download our FREE 75-page seduction guide, and prepare to take your game and lifestyle to a whole new level.

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